Jun 042013

Discover Australia is back! Famed for its creative artistry, the 2013 silver coin series features spectacular new designs of Australia’s native fauna and natural landscapes.

These beautiful coins complement superbly the latest gold and silver issues from The Land Down Under, which this month chart James Cook’s famous voyage of discovery to Australia’s east coast in 1770.

June also sees the release of this year’s prestigious Australian Koala gold proof issue. In response to popular demand, it includes not just one, but two high relief coins featuring another magnificent depiction of our iconic koala.

Add to these the representation of winter on the latest addition to our Australian Seasons square coin series and the start of an exciting new sporting range for young collectors, and this month delivers another massive choice for collectors and gift buyers.

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You can peruse these and more new releases at your leisure in this month’s electronic bulletin, or visit the recent releases section on our website.



  6 Responses to “June 2013 New Product Bulletin – out today”

  1. hello blog team,
    on ebay is the following coin available:
    “2013 1oz 999 SILVER”
    Is it official coin of the perth mint and the first coin in a new series?
    Is it right, that once a year will see a new edition of stock horse?

    thx rob

  2. hello blogteam
    in germany there is an new silver coin from the perth mint available:
    “2013 1oz 999 SILVER”
    is the coin part of starting series or stand alone issue?


  3. The Stockhorse is planned for release in August and will mark the first coin in a new annual series

    • I emailed the ebay seller that has the coin for pre sale. They say the coins are in German customs and they will ship them next week. Is this accurate?


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