Jun 192013

The following coin releases are now sold out at The Perth Mint.

1st-banknote-thmb 100th Anniversary of Australia’s First Banknote 1oz Silver Proof Coin and Stamp Set
Maximum Mintage: 3,000 sold out
Kangaroo_map-shaped Australian Map Shaped Coin Series – Kangaroo 2013 1oz Silver Coin
Maximum Mintage: 6,000 sold out




  2 Responses to “SOLD OUT Two remarkable coin releases prove popular”

  1. When is the platypus Australian map series coin due to be released? Have some already been released to retailers? The reason I ask is that I have seen some for sell on EBay, but I note they are not listed on the Perth Mint website. I don’t want to find myself with a fake coin if they are not real, so can anyone help out.


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