Jul 022013

Adoring fans of sci-fi, fantasy and comic strip heroes descended on Supanova, the pop culture expo on in Perth last weekend. The Perth Mint stand, manned by members of our fun-loving design team, served hundreds of young Doctor Who followers anxious to get their hands on the 50th Anniversary silver proof coin. Thanks to strong demand, our allocation is now running low – so please hurry if you want to add this outstanding release to your collection!



  15 Responses to “Doctor Who coin a hit at Supanova”

  1. Any advice on when the Dr Who coins will be mailed to people who ordered them pre-release?

    • Hi James

      Orders are being fulfilled in order of receipt commencing 1 July and we anticipate to have all orders fulfilled by early August. Credit cards will be charged immediately prior to despatch.


      Blog Team

  2. As Dr Who merchandise this coin is amazing, and the presentation is supurb. But could the Perth Minth for the love of all that is holy please stop creating such high-end, significant releases for countries that no one has even heard of. There are so many great releases that an Australian coin collector can’t buy because they are released as forign currency. This Dr who coin is for the country of Niue. “Niue? Where is that?” I hear you ask! Exactly!!

    Infact the many of the interesting, highly collectable themes and series that come out are NOT Australian currency, e.g.:

    The Starwars series was also from Niue. The Mythical Creatures series is for Tuvalu, as is the Deadly and Dangerous Series and Endangered and Extinct series.

    Even quite australian themes like the animals on the above series, and also the Legacy war commemorative series was for Niue.

    Please restrict significant collectable releases intended for the Australian market to Australian Legal Tender. Thanks.

    • Hi Haydn

      Thanks for writing in.

      Non-circulating legal tender must be approved by a recognised issuing authority. Where we are unable to get Australian approval, we work with nations in the region such as Tuvalu, whose Head of State is Queen Elizabeth II. The Tuvaluan dollar is a variation of the Australian Dollar.

      Although we struck the coin, the Doctor Who product was actually developed by New Zealand Mint. As a dependency of New Zealand, Niue’s dollar is pegged to the New Zealand dollar.

      As you can see, these nations play an important role in popular commemoratives.


      Blog Team

  3. Any chance to see your coin will be packed like this? Bored with usual clampshell…

  4. Hey I’m looking to purchase this coin but I see on it’s page that it is unavailable, does that mean you’ve sold out?

    • Hi David

      We’ve been able to make more available on the website this morning – please act quickly as the number is quite limited.


      Blog Team

  5. When are you going to start releasing the individual Doctor Who coins?
    I heard you were going to start production on Silver 1 oz. coins recognizing each Dr. Who actor. Is this too good to be true?

    • Hi Mike

      Can’t reveal everything at present, but we will be selling a collection comprising eleven 1/2oz silver proof coins celebrating the Doctor in each of his various ‘regenerations’.

      Will release further detail on the blog as soon as possible.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  6. Hi,
    Are there many DW coins left.
    M R

  7. Hi,
    I am trying to get the sound to play on this product, but even after removing the tab, opening and closing the doors, replacing the batteries, it is still not working. Is there a switch that I am not noticing?

    Please advise.
    Thank you.

    • Hi FS

      With regards to your enquiry, please email us your name and phone number and we’ll have a member of our customer service team contact you.


      Blog Team


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