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The 1954 Royal Visit commemorative florin marked Queen Elizabeth II’s first tour of Australia which was characterised by huge, adoring crowds wherever she went. Four million of these coins were issued, becoming proud possessions in many Australian households.

Featuring a lion and a kangaroo standing side-by-side, the design symbolised Anglo-Australian solidarity. It was prepared by Sydney-born sculptor William Leslie Bowles, who studied at London’s Royal Academy and served with the Royal Tank Corps during World War I before returning home to work at the Australian War Memorial. Well-known pieces by Bowles include The man with the donkey, a tribute to Private Simpson’s courage at Gallipoli, and the Sir John Monash memorial in Melbourne.

The Queen set foot on Australian soil for the first time on 3 February 1954. Sadly, Bowles died a few weeks later and would never have known exactly how sought-after his commemorative design became.


The Perth Mint is proud to hold an example of 1954 Royal Visit florin in its historic collection, and is currently offering you the chance to add this distinctive Australian pre-decimal to yours. Making an eye-catching display, the coin is housed on a delightfully illustrated presentation card portraying a young Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in Australia.



  4 Responses to “Famous florin available in presentation card”

  1. Is there any information of how many cards are available?


    Billy Black Smith

    • Hi Billy Black Smith

      No issue limit has been announced.


      Blog Team

      • Hi, is it possible to place a message on your collector web-site that says something to the effect of:

        “Mint To Order” and how long you expect the issue to be available.

        Currently there is nothing on the collector site in the details or specifications; same goes for some of your other new released carded coins in this theme.


        Also, are the coins base metal coins or are they silver coins?
        They are in the base metal section so maybe they are struck on Aluminium Bronze.

        The Specification tab provides the metal in the coin of the original coin and its mintage of 4,000,000 coins.

        Sorry, but I’m confused what you are selling; a replica or the actual coin?

        Kind regards

        Billy Black Smith

        • Hi Billy Black Smith

          These are original 1954 coins acquired and packaged by Downies. There is potential to issue more cards when coins of suitable quality can be sourced. To avoid confusion, we have removed them from the ‘base metals’ classification – but you will still see them on our website under Themed Coins > Pre-Decimals.

          Kind regards

          Blog Team


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