Aug 072013

These colourful Birds of Australia have been brought to life with stunning artistry and attention to detail by the inspired hand of designer Natasha Muhl.

With the release of the fifth and final coin featuring a Splendid Fairy-Wren, now is an ideal time to swoop on the entire series!

The Splendid Fairy-Wren is a captivating little bird with a long cocked tail.  It lives in woodlands where it is seen hopping through the understorey searching for insects to eat. When looking for a mate, the male turns an iridescent blue – often referred to as his ‘nuptial plumage’.

Struck in the popular 1/2oz size, these 99.9% pure silver coins are issued as Australian legal tender and housed in a classic display casing with numbered Certificates of Authenticity ratifying each coin’s weight and fineness.



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