Sep 172013

With Doctor Who gold proof coins moving at interstellar speed, our initial website allocation was sold within hours of release.

But the good news for those who missed out is that we’ve secured more coins from the exceptionally low worldwide mintage of 250.

Australian ‘Whovians’ who would like to purchase the coin should check website availability now. Once again, stocks are limited and likely to sell fast.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary 2013 1oz Gold Proof Coin.

Did you know? Cybermen have such an aversion to gold that it kills them! That’s something we discovered listening to 6PR last night.

Catch Ron Currie’s entertaining interview on Nightline with Graham Mabury:



  2 Responses to “Doctor Who is back!”

  1. When is the platypus design of the Australian map shaped coin series due to be released? The reason I wonder is that I have not seen anything on the Perth Mint website or any release. However, I have seen one for sell on Ebay. Just wondering, have there been some released to collectors?


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