Oct 012013

New releases from the 2014 Australian Lunar Horse Series include favourites such as the Four-Coin Typeset Collection, Coloured Proofs, as well as the Gemstone and Gilded Editions. This month also sees the launch of superb collectables marking the 150th anniversary of Banjo Paterson, and another amazing map-shaped coin – this time featuring the platypus. See these and more recent releases inside the latest bulletin:

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  5 Responses to “October 2013 New Product Bulletin – out today

  1. Hi Blog Team,

    I am thinking about buying the coloured proof horse this year, but I noticed something that I wanted to ask about first. In prior years, the coloured bullion/specimen coins have traditionally been coloured differently than the coloured proof coins. By way of example:

    Snake bullion: http://www.perthmint.com.au/images/product/original//3113-Australian-Lunar-Snake-2013-1oz-Silver-Coloured-Bullion-Coin-Reverse.jpg
    Snake proof: http://www.perthmint.com.au/images/product/original/0-Australian-Lunar-Snake-2013-1oz-Silver-Proof-Coloured-Coin-Reverse.jpg

    This year, however, the stock photos show the coloured bullion and proof horses as having the same colouring.

    Horse bullion: http://www.perthmint.com.au/images/product/original//3329-australian-lunar-series-ii-2014-year-of-the-horse-1-oz-coloured-bullion-reverse.jpg
    Horse proof: http://www.perthmint.com.au/images/product/original/0-australian-lunar-series-ii-2014-year-of-the-horse-half-oz-coloured-silver-proof-coin-reverse.jpg

    Was there an error with the stock photo, or am I correct in assuming that there is effectively no difference in the colouring for this year? If the colouring is the same, do you know why this was done?

    • Hi Captain Overkill

      This year the colourisation of Proof and Bullion silver Lunar coins is the same – i.e. brown.

      Last year’s Proof Coloured Snakes were black and yellow. The original intention was to use the same colours on Bullion Coloured Snakes. However, to accommodate the request from our Chinese distributor, these colours were changed to green and yellow.

      The 1oz green and yellow Bullion coins for China had a maximum worldwide mintage of 170,000. Of these, 5,000 were released by the Mint as a Coin Show Special at World Money Fair in Berlin and 1,500 were included in our annual Lunar Typeset Collection.

      Although it’s not impossible that this situation could arise again in the future, we would regard last year as an anomaly.

      Hope this helps explain quite a complex scenario,

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  2. Does anybody know when the non-proof coloured lunar silver coins will be released?


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