Oct 092013

Ludwig Leichhardt was born 200 years ago in 1813

Ludwig Leichhardt vanished without trace in 1848 while attempting to cross Australia from east to west through the continent’s vast, arid centre – a place unknown to Europeans.

The Prussian-born natural scientist, who arrived in Sydney in 1842, achieved fame as a daring explorer by completing 5,000 hazardous kilometres between a remote outpost on the Darling Downs and Port Essington on Australia’s northern tip.

Long given up for dead, Leichhardt was lauded as a national hero – the “Prince of Explorers” – when he and his party arrived back in Sydney in March 1846 after a remarkable journey of scientific discovery.

Leichhardt recorded his observations in numerous manuscript diaries, letters, notebooks, sketch-books and maps – an enduring legacy to Australian science.

Two hundred years after his birth on 23 October 1813, he remains a figure of intense interest – not least because of his mysterious disappearance which has entered into the nation’s mythology.


The Perth Mint and Australia Post are pleased to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of German naturalist and explorer Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Leichhardt with this superb new Stamp and Coin Cover featuring a commemorative Australian coin and stamps of Germany and Australia.



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