Oct 182013

Anticipation is building ahead of the latest ‘regeneration’ of Doctor Who.

Regeneration allows Time Lords from the planet Gallifrey to undergo a transformation into a new physical form with a different personality.

To date, there have been eleven Doctors and hence ten regenerations. The eleventh regeneration will occur in the 2013 Christmas special, when Matt Smith’ Doctor will be replaced by Peter Capaldi’s version.

We hope you like this amazing infographic looking back through time at the personalities and adversaries of the eleven Doctors since William Hartnell played the first Doctor 50 years ago in 1963.

The stunning presentation also reveals the eleven coin designs included in the new Doctor Who 50th Anniversary 2013 1/2oz Silver Proof Set. With an issue limit of just 3,000, each set is housed in a presentation case representing the Doctor’s famous fob watch. Each set comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity also featuring these superb graphics:

DoctorWho_blog_infographicClick here to reveal

Peter Davison’s fifth Doctor
Colin Baker’s sixth Doctor
Sylvester McCoy’s seventh Doctor
Paul McGann’s eight Doctor
Christoper Eccleston’s ninth Doctor
David Tennant’s tenth Doctor
Matt Smith’s eleventh Doctor



  8 Responses to “50 years of Doctor Who “regenerations””

  1. I will be looking for an appropriate image of Peter Capaldi as the twelfth Doctor to printout and add to my coming Fob Watch Set in the absence of him on a coin (there appears to be a twelfth position for him inside).

  2. Can’t wait for the 12th Doctor coin!! Any news on when that’s being released?


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