Oct 292013

We recently announced (via our bullion blog) the official sell out of 30,000 1oz gold bullion coins and 300,000 1oz silver bullion coins from the 2014 Australian Lunar – Year of the Horse Series. The following collector releases from this Series have also sold out at The Perth Mint.

SilverProofHorse1oz 2014 Year of the Horse 1oz Silver Proof Coin
Issue Limit: 5,000 sold out
SilverProofHorseSet 2014 Year of the Horse Silver Proof Three-Coin Set
Issue Limit: 1,000 sold out




  3 Responses to “SOLD OUT: Horses bolt”

  1. Will there be at least in 2014 an new Koala bullion coin carded?
    We are missing with the non issue in 2013 the continuation of the wonderful series of carded bullion Koals stardet in 2007.
    The carded coluerd coin is not a replacement!

    Perth Mint don´t forget the carded series of 1Oz Silver Koala and the many collectors of around the world and especially in Germany!!!

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Norbert

      We received strong feedback about this product last year – hence our decision to replace it with a coloured coin. This was a difficult decision knowing that some customers, like yourself, would be disappointed. We understand you are saddened by its removal from our annual line up of releases but we are continuing with the coloured version from now on.


      Blog Team

  2. I am sorry for the misspellings 😉


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