Nov 062013
  • LunarHorseR1 LunarHorseR1
  • LunarHorseR2 LunarHorseR2
  • LunarHorseR3 LunarHorseR3
  • LunarHorseR4 LunarHorseR4

Are you a fan of these innovatively shaped coins? They certainly provide an interesting alternative ‘canvas’ for our coin designers to work on.

Within the rectangular shape of each 1oz silver proof coin is a fine portrayal of a horse in colour, surrounded by struck elements representing a picturesque landscape.

No more than 3,000 sets comprising all four of these impressive coins will be released. For more information, just click one of the images above to visit our website.



  One Response to “Horse coins in great shape”

  1. The background sky on these horse pieces seems unique with it’s changing dark and light hues to make these pieces almost mystical!


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