Jan 072014

A very happy New Year to all Perth Mint coin collectors – it’s going to be another busy 12-months with many innovative and exciting modern numismatic releases planned for your enjoyment.

Making the start to 2014 especially exciting is our magnificent Wedge-Tailed Eagle gold and silver high-relief coins. The accompanying blog post reveals the special story behind the design, which was created by one of the world’s most highly-renowned coin sculptors.

Making spectacular impressions in this bulletin are unique gold and silver 10-Coin collections marking the Chinese lunar Year of the Horse. With each coin struck in the rare square-shape format, they’ll make a refreshingly different addition to your collection.

Always popular, the Forever Love silver coin returns in 2014 with a tender impression of courting cockatoos together on a heart-shaped branch. Don’t delay if you’re looking to secure a romantic Valentine’s Day gift for your partner this coming 14 February!

With several more new coin releases inside, this issue gets 2014 off to a flying start – with the promise of many more outstanding new collectables to come during the rest of 2014.

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  13 Responses to “January 2014 New Product Bulletin – out today

  1. Hi,

    Thank you for the very first news outlook.
    As every year PM will attend an Berlin Worlds Fair of Money again.
    Are there plans for special WMF coin releases?
    Especialy I am expecting the nice looking combined Kookburra and Koala carded Silver coins as issued in former years.

    A little hint?

    • Happy New Year Norbert. We’re delighted to confirm that we’re looking forward to attending WMF in Berlin once again. There will be an attractive (single) coin show special on offer – unfortunately due to the embargo date we cannot reveal any more until 9 February.


      Blog Team

  2. Happy Ney Year @Blog Team too.
    Thank you. But at least you are confirming such acCoin show special.
    And it will be reveiled at 9th of Feb (last day of Fair)?


  3. Hi again,

    Please allow me a question about the difference in the announced maximim mintage figures (10000pcs) for the gilded Koala and the declared maximum figures for the set consisting of the gilded coin, COA , etui and box.
    What is or what was going to happen with the difference of 5000 pcs?
    Are they going or did they disapear in the American market (grading) or are/where they reserved for special sets?

    Your comment is higly appreciated.


    • Hi Norbert

      You are no doubt referring to 2009 Gilded Koala which had a maximum mintage of 10,000 and a declared mintage of 5,085. The declared mintage is the final sales figure. Once the mintage is declared, no more coins are produced. So no, there will never be any other release (individual or in sets) of this coin.

      Kind regards

      Blog team


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