Feb 042014

February’s bulletin includes the first release from our new Gods of Olympus 2oz silver coin series. Befitting such a dramatic figure, the high relief design is struck in a rimless format and features an antique finish for a truly impressive result.

This bulletin also features the latest coin from a popular established series, as well as the initial release from a new series that looks equally strong.

The Tasmanian Devil is the fifth native animal to appear in our well-loved Australian Opal series, which previously depicted the koala, wombat, kangaroo and pygmy possum in similarly stunning style.

For the first coin in our heart-warming Mother’s Love series, however, we’ve chosen a lioness. The beautiful design reflects her affection for a young cub – with similar portrayals featuring four other world animals and their offspring to follow.

ANZAC day approaching and you’ll find a new commemorative Australian $1 coin which this year pays special tribute to the Royal Australian Navy Submarine Service.

As well as the latest design from The Land Down Under Series, there are carded additions to the Australian Koala silver coin series and two new releases celebrating the Year of the Horse.

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  15 Responses to “February 2014 New Product Bulletin – out today

  1. Dear Perth,

    Have to congratulate you on the 2oz Zeus silver proof. Love the antique finish and rimless design as well as the wood casing it comes in. For next coin, I would suggest to take the casing to the next level of personifying the coin a little bit more in terms of shape & theme. Feel free to take the shape of casing beyond the traditional shape of round and square.

    How many coins in total can we expect out of this series and how many coins per year?

    • Hi JD

      Great to hear your comment – thanks! It’s a three-coin series with Poseidon and Hades to follow. Each coin is 2014-dated and they should all be available by October.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  2. Are the 2oz Zeus coins all sold out? I see I can’t buy them from your website and I’ve checked a couple US Distributors and they all say they have none available.

    I would love to have 1 of each of this series!

    • Hi Caleb

      Our web allocation of Zeus coins has been taken up extremely quickly and it is unlikely that we will get any more for retail. Have you tried Gainesville Coins or Talisman Coins in the US?

      Good luck

      Blog Team

  3. Any release date set for the next coin? Thanks!.

  4. Hi when do you expect the second coin of the Gods of Olympus series to be released? The first coin was awesome and I look forward to the next two..

    Also, what about the Famous Ships that Never sailed, It is not on the release list for April so I’m hoping we with have the Francis Scott maybe in May?

    Thanks for all of the great coins!

    • Hi JagFan

      Pleased to inform you that both Poseidon (Gods of Olympus)and Gloria Scott (Ships That Never Sailed) are scheduled for release on 6 May.


      Blog Team

      • Hi – The release schedule for May on the Perthmint site does not metion either one of these (Poseidon & Gloria Scott). Have they been pushed back in the schedule?

        Thank you!

        • Hi JagFan

          Thanks for the question. Poseidon will be released in June and the commissioned product Gloria Scott (part of Ships That Never Sailed) is now likely to be July.

          Kind regards

          Blog Team

          • Hi JagFan

            Another update: the Gloria Scott coin will not be released until later this year due to circumstances beyond our control.

            Kind regards

            Blog Team

  5. Hello Blog Team,

    Did I miss a special colour issue of Koala and Kookaburra 2014 from PM?
    I have found these strange looking color versions on ebay Germany:
    http://www.ebay.de/itm/390799968281?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 (Koala)
    http://www.ebay.de/itm/1-UNZE-OZ-999-SILBER-KOOKABURRA-2014-FARBE-SILBERMUNZE-SILBERBARREN-/121297854079?pt=DE_M%C3%BCnzen_Edelmetalle&hash=item1c3dea5e7f (Kookaburra)
    Either these are fakes or not licensed coulourd versions. The seller says these editions ar limited to 5000 pcs. but no COA is mentioned. I have contacted hime but did not receive an answer yet.
    Can you help?

    Best regards,

    • Hi Norbert

      While we do colour our Kookaburra and Koala coins, the photography displayed on the ebay pages appears incorrect. In our opinion they are fakes.

      Thank you for pointing this out to The Perth Mint.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

      • Hi Blog Team,

        I hope that you could relax a bit during Easter holidays.

        Let me ask a furthergoing question about these non authorized
        colored / gilded versions of an Koala and Kookaburra Silver coins.
        Are these coins loosing its legal tender status when
        it has been manipulated by additional colorisation or other means of modification not legalized as in Comlaw.gov filings declared?

        Your answer is appreciated.

        Kind regards,


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