Feb 112014

Did you know that inside every Dalek lurks a repellent mutant alien?

Inside_DalekThe Doctor’s arch nemeses are actually cyborgs – that is, they’re part organic and part mechanical or as the Seventh Doctor put it “little green blobs encased in polycarbonate armour”.

They were created by the Doctor’s archenemy Davros, a scientist who genetically modified a race of extraterrestrials from the planet Skaro, known as the Kaleds.

Without the ability to feel compassion or remorse, the Daleks came to view themselves as the supreme race in the Universe – and see the Doctor as their ultimate enemy.


This stunning coin portrays a Dalek in its more familiar armoured robot casing. Struck from 1/2oz of 99.9% pure silver, it’s the first release from an on-going Doctor Who Monsters series featuring other Doctor Who villains such as the Weeping Angels, the Cybermen, the Silurians and the Sontarans.




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