Mar 102014

How would you like to win the only Perth Mint coin ever to visit Antarctica? The Aurora Australis 1oz silver coin featuring an amazing glow-in-the-dark image of the Southern Lights can been seen here with CSIRO’s Jasmine Leong in the highest, driest, windiest and coldest continent in the world.

Check out the CSIRO Helix blog to discover your chance to win



  12 Responses to “CSIRO offers you the chance to win our remarkable Aurora Australis silver coin”

  1. hello is this real

  2. Yes indeed, I would like to win such a beautiful coin. Had I the wherewithal I would be buying more Perth products.

  3. Tis pity! That I was not born down under. No chance to win, no prose to compose. Antarctica’s beauty remains unaffected.

  4. Hello what a wonderful and beautiful looking coin absolutely love it !!!!

  5. Varying the competition is a good idea, it keeps us interested, good work.

  6. mmmmm would be brilliant to see the glow of the ‘Aurora Australis’ peppered with stars in the Australian Antartic Territory, I guess gazing at the beautiful coin will have to do for now………………If im lucky enough :-).

  7. it great to live in the land downunder where we are so cloes to all thing beatifull.yet far enought away from from thing that are not .and what a stunning coin to reflex what we have .

  8. you’ve got to be in it to win it; so come on people lets have a go, its a beautiful coin and its been to the coldest place on earth; love to own It; make it mind.


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