Apr 172014

In an exciting development, a host of Disney cartoon characters will be immortalised on gold and silver commemorative coins over the next two years.


From hilarious figures like Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto, to the stars of classics including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella and The Little Mermaid, the coin program is set to delight all who have been touched by the magic of Disney.

Naturally, a series of such magnitude could not begin without gold and silver coins dedicated to Mickey Mouse.  So fittingly, the most famous Disney character of them all appears on the inaugural releases in a design that depicts Mickey in 1928.

Mickey Mouse

In 1927, Walt Disney conceived a character with a round white face, big button nose and floppy black ears. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, however, was a hit for Universal, which owned the rights to the character.

Disney’s setback proved to be a watershed, for it inspired him to create an even more engaging character to which he indisputably laid claim.

Walt thought of a mouse character that would incidentally bear resemblance to Oswald. An early change to the new character was his proposed name. According to legend, Walt Disney had originally wanted to name the mouse Mortimer, but his wife, Lillian, objected and suggested Mickey instead. Mickey Mouse began his rise to mega-stardom with the release of Steamboat Willie in November 1928.

Steamboat Willie

Even though it was the third of Mickey’s films to be produced, Steamboat Willie was the first Mickey cartoon to be released. Consequently, it marks his on-screen debut, as well as that of his girlfriend, Minnie.

The film is notable for being the first cartoon with synchronized sound. It was also the first cartoon to feature a post-produced soundtrack using a fifteen-piece band and the voice of Walt Disney himself as Mickey.


Produced from 1/4oz of gold and 1oz of silver, the stunning new coins feature a still frame from an early scene where Mickey Mouse is seen cheerfully standing at the boat’s wheel.

Fans will want to act fast, for with just 1,000 gold coins and 10,000 silver coins available for release worldwide, this Disney series is off to a fantastic start!

Disney – Steamboat Willie 2014 1oz Silver Proof Coin

Disney – Steamboat Willie 2014 1/4oz Gold Proof Coin



  9 Responses to “Disney coin program opens with Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie

  1. hey this coin is already unavailable 🙁

  2. I am very disappointed with being emailed at 7:49PM Wednesday April 16, 2014 about the sale of the NEW gold Disney Steamboat Coin, which indicated that said coin was already UNAVILABLE. Please stop notifying me of items just released which are no longer available. I only collect gold and platinum coins. You just are wasting my time with worthless email ads of sold out merchandise. It was unavailable , sold out. before I received an email stating this NEW item was just offered for sale. Most of the items on your website are no longer available. You have nothing new but one silver coin. I collect gold or platinum. Both NEW and UNAVAILABLE in RED letters, Very Dissatisfied.

    • Hi Scott

      Sorry that you were disappointed regarding the Steamboat Willie gold coin. We can assure you that when our email was sent out we had stocks of this coin. However, it proved hugely popular with our clients and as a result our allocation was very quickly exhausted. On a broader note, we never advertise products that are out of stock. But when a limited issue is ‘hot’ it is unavoidable that some people will miss out.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  3. Looks like it will be a great program to collect!

    I have already ordered a couple of them, do you know if they will put this one on the subscription program for future releases?

    Also, who is the distributor over in the U.S.?

    Thanks and have a great day!

    • Thanks for commenting Jag-Nut. Your questions should be addressed to New Zealand Mint which is the license holder in the case of this program.

      Kind regards

      Bog Team

      • Hi – Do you know when the next one (Donald Duck) will be released since June is the 80th Anniversary? Hopefully Soon!


        • Hi Jag-Nut

          Cannot confirm the next release date just yet. However, it is likely to be late June.

          Thanks for your patience,

          Blog Team

  4. Hi – I just noticed that on the Perth Mint site, there is a banner that states Comming Soon, Mickey & Friends.. Is this a new set or is it connected to the Current Series from New Zealand Mint? If it is a new series, when will it be released and can you provide any details on it at this point in time?

    Also, do you know when the last Gods of Olympus coin will be released? October? I have to start exercising to get ready for the mad dash! LOL

    Thanks for your great Service!

    • Hi Jag-Nut

      Good to hear from you again.

      Mickey & Friends is a new set via NZ Mint which we’ll be releasing towards the end of next week.

      And the Hades coin from Gods of Olympus is scheduled to be part of our October release.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team


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