Apr 222014

The second release from the Gods of Olympus series will be released on 3 June 2014.

The coin portrays Poseidon – the God of the Sea. According to ancient Greek mythology, Poseidon was adept at gathering clouds and creating violent storms, and responsible for shipwrecks and the drowning of many souls. However, he also held the power to grant a ship a successful voyage, and to save those in danger. Poseidon was often referred to as the ‘earth-shaker’ due to his penchant for causing earthquakes.PoseidonLike Zeus, the original release in the Gods of Olympus series, Poseidon is a rimless high-relief coin struck from 2oz of 99.9% pure silver with an ‘antiqued’ finish. It has a maximum mintage is just 1,500.

The spectacular new coin will be available on The Perth Mint website at 00.01am, Tuesday 3 June Australian Western Standard Time. Poseidon will also be available from authorised Perth Mint coin distributors.



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  1. Hi.

    Will the coins actually be packaged correctly this time, or can we expect to open a case to find the coin not sitting where it should be, having had ample opportunity to bounce around while in transit?

    When I’m paying that much for a “limited edition” coin, I do like to assume that someone has put more than 5 minutes worth of thought into things relating to protecting the actual coin. An antique finish is certainly no substitute for a decent capsule, however much marketing departments try to claim otherwise.


    • Hi Rocher

      Apologies that this happened to your coin. We do take care to ensure products are packaged correctly and at this stage have received no other reports of loose Zeus coins. Thanks for bringing it to our attention and we hope that it does not spoil your enjoyment of the release.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

      • I have to agree with Rocher, a capsule would be nice. My Zeus coin also showed up bouncing around inside the box. No visual damage was done from what my old eyes could see, but why take the chance.

      • Dear Blog Team
        My Zeus coin received directly from Perth Mint was also dislodged from it slot and rattling inside its box when I received it. Luckily there was no visible damage on the coin faces.
        I was also surprised to see that the coin did not have any protective cover: at least something to stop it from bouncing inside its box.
        To my shock horror, I had to use a tissue to grab the coin in order to place it back to its slot (I do not like to handle “naked” coins using my bare hands).
        I hope the poseidon coin will be better packaged.
        Cheers, Anon

        • Hi Anon

          Thanks for writing in – your point has been noted. It should not be a problem with Poseidon as we’ve taken measures to mitigate the potential for the coin to become dislodged.

          Kind regards

          Blog Team

  2. How many of these will be expected to be released through the website/Will there be a maximum to discourage people from hoarding?

    • Hi Kyle

      Unfortunately we’re unable to reveal precisely how many coins will be allocated to the online retail channel but in view of how quickly Zeus sold we recommend you act as soon as possible following release in June. There is no restriction on how many coins are available per customer.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  3. When are you going to unveile Poseidons deseign?

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Norbert

      The Poseidon coin will be available on 3 June 2014.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

      • I know the datet was mentioned here before. But can you unveil the coins design earlier. The box ist nice but the coin itself would be nicer 😉

        • Hi Norbert

          All product publicity has an embargo date to ensure that the Mint and our dealers begin advertising on the same day. This avoids any unfair advantage among resellers.


          Blog Team

  4. Hello friends at Perth Mint,

    Will the PM store have an allocation of this coin that can be bought over the counter on June 3rd when doors open?

    Thanks and best,

    • Hi Zlatibor

      We can confirm that the Perth Mint Shop at 310 Hay Street has an allocation of Poseidon coins. It’s quite limited – so please come early!

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  5. Will this coin be available to US customers via the PM website?

  6. I have the solution for your packaging problem!!! Add thicker or more foam squares over the top of the coin before closing lid. I’m a master mind, hope I get a free coin for this, ha.

  7. Thicker or extra foam squares between coin and lid would be perfect!!!!

  8. Hi
    Could you please confirm that this coin goes on sale at 2.00am 3th June AEST

    • Hi Kathy

      Confirming that our next release will take place at 12.01am 3 June 2014 in the West, which makes that 2.00am, in the East.


      Blog Team

  9. Hi, everybody
    Not quite I understood when the coin will be available to the order.
    On a site there was information that release will take place at 12.01am 3 June 2014 AWST

    And here it is specified that “… The spectacular new coin will be available on The Perth Mint website at 00.01am, Tuesday 3 June …”

    So, WHEN ???

  10. now 12-03 AWST
    the coin to the order is unavailable…


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