May 262014

The Perth Mint is reversing its previously stated position and will now restrict the number of Poseidon 2014 2oz Silver High Relief Coins to one per existing retail customer.

In recent days it has become increasingly clear that this coin, which has a maximum mintage of just 1,500, will be highly sought-after.

Unauthorised publication of a Poseidon coin image at the weekend increased enquiries at the Mint today with collectors expressing concern they could miss out if purchases remained unrestricted.

Under the one-per-customer policy, we are confident that more collectors will now get the opportunity to purchase the coin at issue price from the Mint.

The Poseidon 2014 2oz Silver High Relief Coin will be available on The Perth Mint website from 12.01am 3 June 2014 (AWST).



  37 Responses to “Perth Mint asked to restrict Poseidon to one-per-customer”

  1. WHY ADVERTISE A PRODUCT ON OTHER WEB SITES WHEN YOU Have sold out (EG 2014 SOVEREIGN). Under consumer law you cannot advertise something for sale when you do not have it for sale. The 2014 sovereign was sold out a week or so ago. Get your act together.

    • Apologies Dean. Sometimes a product becomes unavailable before we have a chance to amend the Google ad schedule. We’ll certainly try to be as vigilant as possible.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  2. Great!

    The Poseidon Adventure I’d been looking forward to for weeks will now just be another boring Monday afternoon. Yawn.

    So much for the “you snooze, you lose” school of coin collecting.

    Oh, yeah. No more free shipping for me either. Yay!

    • Well, that was a pleasant surprise.

      When having one of the fastest internet connections available doesn’t help, things start to get pretty “interesting”.

      Almost an hour to “buy” the coin since release, and I still don’t know if it will pass the order processing lottery.

      You blink, you lose. Lol.

  3. It makes sense to restrict it to one per customer. That is why I asked you twice as the ebay sellers would just buy them all up and us genuine collectors will be paying triple the cost. Although I did plan to buy 3 for the free shipping..hope your site doesn’t crash like it did on the lunar horses….

  4. That’s cool.

  5. How is it possible they’re selling these on ebay? I sure hope there’s some left by the time it launches.

    • Hi stgecko

      Our full allocation of Poseidon coins will be available for sale on 3 June.

      Please be extremely cautious about such offers. This advertiser’s “pre-sale” (?) is breaking our embargo and the price offered is way over the actual issue price.

      Our one coin per customer was introduced to prevent exactly this kind of situation arising.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  6. As a collector I think it’s a great idea. I’m won’t get up at 2am to order but at least I have a fighting chance to get one this time. Thumbs up from me PM

  7. I live in the central time zone in the United States. so what time will the coins go on sale for me ?

  8. Does anyone know what the total price will be including shipping on just the 1 coin ?

    • it is around AU$179, US$160, plus AU$20 shipping to the U.S.
      you should have a credit card that does NOT charge Foreign transaction fee, such as some Capital one card, and BOA Travel Visa card. Otherwise, you need to around 3% on top the total cost.

      12am June 3rd Perth Mmint time is around 11am June 2 US Central time, if I count it right:)

    • Perth Mint issue price is AUS$179.00.


      Blog Team

  9. Can I assume there will still be an allocation available at the mint when doors open on the 3rd?

  10. I see that it mentions they are available 1 per existing retail customer. does that mean that I have to be a previous Perth mint customer to buy one, or can I make this my first Perth mint purchase. Thanks in advance.

  11. Sounds more than fair to me!

  12. That’s great news! Maybe I just might get lucky enough to order one of them.. It is still going to be very tough as the demand is thru the roof! I just hope this time they place a piece of foam over the coin (like they did for the disney coin) to keep them in place…

    As always thanks for your great communication and service!

    • Hi JagFan

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, the coin will be held in place as you suggest. We wish you well on Tuesday,

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  13. hi, can you tell me which time the coin is sell if i live in Germany?

    thx for the help 🙂

  14. Who isn’t going to use their army of friends and relatives to get around this? Lol.

    Personally, I don’t go for un-capsuled raw numis because of tarnishing/damage risk.

    But good luck all, and let the games commence!

  15. Perth Mint Site down???
    Behold, the power of Poseidon. Lol.

  16. Sigh…site crashed on the dot of 12.01am. By the time I finally was able to get back on & order something 50 mins later, the processing queue was 156 minutes long. By which time, it was sold out. Gutted.

  17. As a frustrated customer who did not get to order a 2 oz Tuvalu Poseidon coin, I am going to voice my dissatisfaction with the distribution of these coins. Dealers have hoarded these coins and speculated on them and purchased about 10 of these coins each and have charged triple the amount of money for these coins. They charge upwards of $400 a coin. I thought that each order was limited to 1 per household. I was unable to get my coin and would like to own one even if the mintage is increased to 2,000. Please place my order for just one of these coins. All I ask is ONE, JUST ONE of these coins. I am not a speculator but a collector of these coins and I thought the way this distribution is handled was unfair to the collectors like myself.


  18. This is a follow up to the last post. Because of the number of speculators in the form of dealers that broke the one per customer rule, they should be punished by upping the mintage to 2000 and making the Poseidon coins worth less and so that us collectors who follow the rule and buy one coin will also be happy to have one. I am displeased with the way the distribution is handled and I am still short one Poseidon coin which will make my collection incomplete. I am about to dump the Zeus coin on the market out of displeasure about the way this limit was handled. Without Poseidon, I will not get Hades. If you have any left, please reserve one for me or else that will be my sentiment towards this collection as an incomplete collection is of no use to me.

    Jeff Din

  19. Was on the website before launch and when I refreshed to get an updated new coin release page to select my coin it kicked me out of the site. It then took half an hour to get back in and another hour to go through check out to only have the system say the coins were sold out.

    How is it dealers have more than one to sell at huge profits and collectors like myself missed out?

    Will now not bother with the rest of the collection and probably sell my Zeus coin and be done with the series. Sorely disappointed with the whole system used.

  20. Boy, what a joke trying to order one of these was. After being logged in for about 15 minutes prior to sales starting, and having other stuff in my basket, the site kept freezing, took me over an hr to check out…… by then it was to late. A little disappointing that the Perth Mint can not do a better job with the web site. Instead of letting everyone in at once, maybe they should be put in line to log in. Nothing like having coins in your basket then being told, to bad, because it takes so long to check out.

  21. All coins was bought by re-seller, so collectors have only one way – buy on e-bay for tripple price.

    If collectors all the same buy at the tripple price, that prevents PM to establish the tripple price at once?

  22. A joke indeed, much like some blog team responses when read after the event…

    “Please be extremely cautious about such offers. This advertiser’s “pre-sale” (?) is breaking our embargo and the price offered is way over the actual issue price.”

    Yes, why pay way over the issue price to some ebay speculator, who has 10 coins or more, when you can waste an hour being messed about by timeouts and error pages just trying to buy a coin direct from the PM? Who would want to miss out on that false sense of security of finally submitting an order to the processing queue, or the subsequent disappointment that there were actually no coins in stock?

    It’s those ebay speculators I feel sorry for. Those poor fools, making money hand over fist, clearly don’t understand the greater satisfaction of being an actual collector. Who will join me in making a generous donation to fill the pockets of these unfortunate individuals? Lol.

  23. Hi guys,

    I have a general question to you all. So what would make you all happy? If all of you ( lets say 1000000 people ) get the coin would that make you happy?

    If the price of the coin offered by dealers or ebay for $179 or lower… would that make you happy?

    Would printing more Poseidon coins like Ben Bernanke out of control make you happy?

    Well let me tell you, I did not get any coin and I also tried to log in but that’s how it is… maybe next time or else I will wait when the prices on ebay will go a little lower. Look the Tasmanian Tiger 2011 once cost over $500 on ebay and now you can buy them below $200. Wasn’t it worth waiting?


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