Jun 042014

Six months after its attack on Pearl Harbour, the Imperial Japanese Navy aimed to inflict another devastating defeat on the United States.

This time it intended to take the US base on Midway Atoll in the Pacific with a formidable strike force supported by four aircraft-carriers, while the main body of its mighty naval force lay in wait for the arrival of the heavily depleted American Fleet. Thanks to US intelligence, however, Admiral Nimitz possessed valuable details of Admiral Yamamoto’s plan.

On 4 June 1942, while Japan’s carrier-launched planes were inflicting heavy damage on Midway, the strike force suddenly learned of the approaching US Fleet. With their decks busy in the process of refuelling and redeploying aircraft, the Japanese carriers were struck with damaging consequences by about 35 Dauntless dive-bombers. As a result, all four Japanese carriers were abandoned and sunk, while USS Yorktown was also mortally wounded during the fighting.

Battle of Midway 1942 Silver Proof Coin

A turning point of World War II, the Battle of Midway was a decisive victory that permanently weakened the Imperial Japanese Navy. Commemorating the significance of the encounter, The Perth Mint issued this Battle of Midway 1942 1oz Silver Proof Coin in 2011. The coin’s reverse design depicts a struck image of USS Enterprise, a Yorktown class aircraft carrier, and a coloured composition of a Dauntless dive-bomber above Akagi, a Japanese aircraft carrier that was scuttled after being severely damaged during the battle.

Battle of Midway coin

Less than 500 of these coins remain available for sale at The Perth Mint out of a maximum mintage of 5,000. Each coin, which is accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, is housed in a presentation display case and superbly illustrated shipper.



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