Jun 112014

The Sontarans are an aggressive clone warrior race from Sonar. Short, squat, muscular and grey, their leathery faces exude menace.

Doctor Who Sontarans coinIndeed, Sontarans thrive on combat and delight in the rigours of warfare.

Their enduring enemies are a shape-shifting race known as the Rutans. In pursuit of an advantage, Sontaran Commander Linx launched an invasion of 13th century Earth until it was repelled by the Doctor.

Virtually anyone is fair game in a Sontaran’s mind. In the Fourth Doctor’s era, they even had the temerity to attempt an invasion of the Time Lord home planet of Gallifrey!

Their cunning and genius meant they almost succeeded. Despite their narrow defeat, the Sontarans’ passion for warfare anywhere in the universe was undiminished.

Doctor Who Sontarans coin
The final of five coins portraying some of the deadliest monsters faced by Doctor Who depicts a Sontaran warrior in a typically aggressive stance. Struck from 1/2oz of 99.9% pure silver, the coin is subject to a maximum mintage of just 5,000.

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