Jun 302014

It is with great sadness that The Perth Mint learned of the passing at the weekend of Cheryl Holt, better known as Maggie to members of the Silver Stackers forum. Maggie played a highly-significant role in the coin community in Australia and beyond and will be sadly missed by the many collectors and investors whose lives she touched. In regular dealings with the Mint, Maggie displayed her trademark cheerfulness, kindness and grace, which has left a lasting impression on all staff who had the pleasure of conversing with her. The Mint would like to convey its sincere condolences to Maggie’s husband Russell and the family at this tremendously difficult time.

For further information and tributes, please visit Silver Stackers.



  6 Responses to “Tribute to Cheryl Holt”

  1. RIP Maggie – Simply The Best 🙂

  2. Maggie was simply THE most popular member on Silver Stackers and I’ll miss her. Still can’t believe she is gone 🙁

  3. Maggie was a true Lady & wonderful human who cared for others more then most will ever know. we a have lost something far more precious than silver, gold or platinum, we have lost a large piece of humanity much needed in the industry & in our daily lives in general.

  4. Always a pleasure to trade with but even more of a pleasure to talk to. In a world of silver stackers Maggie stood out from the crowd.

  5. Dear Maggie … so it was Cheryl, hay 😉

    Humble, honest, patient, incredibly diplomatic … a true angel.

    She spoke often, openly and staunchly of her total adoration of Russell and her family.

    Bless your heart, Maggie … from Little Alfie xoxo

    And bouquets to Perth Mint for this tribute to a woman who can not be replaced.

  6. Good bye Old Chook 🙂

    For 4 years we chatted and emailed and you even sent me a 1oz Silver Andean Cat with a handmade thank you card. We last talked on Thursday with you saying the rain had gone and the weather was drier. You were feeling better all round. Our emails usually had a LOVE in their somewhere
    So long Cheryl. We are bound to run into each other sooner or later. Will miss you heaps Greg OXOX


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