Aug 112014

The Perth Mint released this superbly coloured Australian Kookaburra at the Melbourne ANDA Coin Show over the weekend.

Australian Kookaburra 2014 Coin Show SpecialMade from 1oz of 99.9% pure silver, the coin has a maximum mintage of just 2,000. Accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, each coin is housed in ANDA presentation packaging.

For those who were unable to attend this event, we’re pleased to announce that the coin is now available for sale on our website.

Click here to buy while stocks last.



  6 Responses to “Limited Coin Show Special available now”

  1. Seeing this was a nice little surprise, and I made sure to snag one a few minutes ago.

    Will be looking forward to the appearance of your new Lunars next month! πŸ™‚

    • Nice to hear from you again. Regarding the Lunars, today we published a short video showing all the new bullion designs for 2015. Happy viewing


      Blog Team

      • Very nice way to introduce your new coins!

        I saw some pictures on World Mint News Blog today as well, and I must say I’m impressed with the job you did on the silver goats. I was a little skeptical at how a goat would look compared to a more “exciting” animal such as a tiger, a horse, or a dragon, but you seem to have pulled it off quite well on the silver coin. I will definitely be buying the proof set next month, and the type set and high reliefs when they come out later this year.

        I also especially liked the new kookaburra as well.

        • Hi CaptainOverkill

          Well that is fantastic to hear. Many thanks for your support and encouragement – we certainly appreciate comments like yours! πŸ™‚

          Kind regards

          Blog Team

  2. I was impressed with the goat ,but the 3 coin tuvalu carricature coins were not in the short video and was wondering why?

    • Hi dday

      The video shows the official Australian legal tender bullion coin program for 2015. We do not include the Chinese Astrological Series (the “caricature” coins), because it is not part of this program and is issued as legal tender of Tuvalu.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team


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