Aug 192014

The following collector coin release is now sold out at The Perth Mint.

Poseidon silver coin Gods of Olympus – Poseidon
2014 2oz Silver High Relief Coin
Maximum Mintage: 1,500 Sold Out



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  1. I can’t get use to the idea of not being able to buy any of these at your site. Why did I see a few people on ebay selling these for over twice the price? Why do the Authorized Purchasers (AP) get first crack at these coins? Why do the AP’s double up the price as soon as they get them so not one consumer can buy them at their issued price?
    It smells of a bad practice to me. I have to wonder if the mint get’s a cut of that markup?

    I hate talking about the failing of a mint or

    • Hi Bryon

      Thanks for commenting.

      As with all coins offered by The Perth Mint, the Gods of Olympus series was allocated between each of our sales channels – the web, catalogue, telephone and shop, as well as our international network of coin distributors. With just 1,500 of each coin available, each channel received a very small quantity – explaining why web allocation sold out very quickly.

      As explained previously, we have no control over the sales policies of third-party coin distributors. Indeed, it would actually be illegal for us to attempt to do so under Australian law.

      Please don’t hesitate to comment again if you have any further questions,

      Kind regards

      Blog Team


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