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The Australian Abalone Shell coin is a stunning collectable highlighting the extraordinary beauty of the abalone’s smooth inner shell.

The abalone is a single-shelled mollusc or marine snail. Its vibrant inner layer is composed of mother-of-pearl which displays an iridescent mix of colours, ranging from deep cobalt blue and peacock green, to purples, creams and pinks.

Highly sought-after as decorative pieces, abalone inner shells are often used for jewellery, buttons, and inlays in furniture and musical instruments.

More facts about amazing abalone:

  • The flesh of the abalone is considered to be a culinary delicacy in many countries.
  • Abalone can produce pearls, considered by many to be the most beautiful and rarest in the world.
  • Abalones are sometimes known as ear shells, on account of their eared-shaped external appearance.
  • Nearly a quarter of the world’s supply of abalones comes from Tasmania.
  • Strict fishing laws, such as Australian license and quota regulations, exist to protect the potentially endangered species.

The spectacular 2014 Australian Abalone Shell coin is struck from 1oz of 99.9% pure silver. The centrepiece of its reverse design is a polished fragment of authentic abalone shell.

Issued as legal tender of Australia, just 5,000 of these coins will be released.



  4 Responses to “Abalone Shell coin awash with light and colour”

  1. I think this coin is beautifully done. But it would have been exquisite if the coin is housed in an abalone shell shaped box. Let’s get a bit more creative with your boxing. Collectors are bored with your square box and shipper.
    We would be more than happy to pay $10more for a beautifully crafted box.

    Please tell us if this abalone coin is a one off coin or part of a series.
    Thank you and keep up the good work!

    • Hi Blue

      Nice to hear from you again.

      Your packaging suggestion is a wonderful idea. Unfortunately, bespoke packaging increases the price of the product – something that would probably deter a lot of collectors.

      Regarding a follow-up coin – that’s under discussion right now. A lot will depend on how the Abalone Shell coin is received.

      Thanks for commenting,

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

      • Dear Perth Mint,

        2 months have gone by and I think it has provided you enough time to evaluate the market and its reception of the abalone silver coin.
        Have you decided if it will be a series of coins or a one off coin?
        If a series, how many would be in the series?
        3 seems like an ideal series nowadays.
        5 seems to border on the line of being 2 too many. Collectors start to lose interest after the 3 coins. Perfect examples are the Opal and Map series which have been abandoned by collectors for being too many in the series.

        Any plan to come out with Series 2 God of Olympus series?
        If you do, keep the mintage 1500 to be coinsistent with the 1st series.

        Please also keep pricing low to keep up wih low spot price. It is sad to see Transformers coins sit on shelf despite the popular theme of coins. Any plan to re-invent the lunar proof coins to bring back enthusiasm of the collectors? Collectors seems to abandon the 1oz, and 3 coin set nowadays. They used to be sold out in days.

        You deserved highest compliments on implementing technology on your Christmas 1/2oz silver proof.

        Keep calm and keep on collecting.

        • Hi Blue

          Thanks for the questions and your comment regarding the innovative Christmas coin – appreciate that!

          While unable to confirm anything just yet, we are looking at a follow-up release to the Abalone coin and also considering the possibility of a series related to the God of Olympus theme. Final decisions will be made next year and we’ll make announcements in due course.

          Thanks for your interest and support,


          Blog Team


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