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Oct 072014

Dear Collector

We have a technical issue this morning that is preventing us from uploading October new products to The Perth Mint website. We’re working to resolve the problem as soon as possible – sincere apologies for this delay and the frustration it is causing.

Kind regards

Blog Team


  6 Responses to “ANNOUNCEMENT”

  1. Trying to order Hades 2 oz Gods of Olympus but we are locked out because of this problem. Please notify us of another release time or reserve a Hades coin for me. I would like to order one but the site does not show the product.

    Jeff Din

  2. I was able to get through to place an order for the hades coin and waited well over 50 minutes for my order to be processed and was told that the coin was no longer available..but there are 4 pending transactions showing up on my credit card for 68 cents each. Did I get a coin or not????

    • Hi Chris

      Unfortunately your order for the Hades coin was not successful. The small debits are credit card validation checks which will drop back into your account over the next few days.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

      • I placed the order with success but my wait time was 28 minutes. I guess the longer the wait time mentioned, the less the success. If you have a smaller wait time, that means you may have made the cut off.


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