Oct 272014

The Perth Mint’s Beijing International Coin Exposition Special is a Two-Coin Set featuring coloured releases from the Australian Kangaroo and Australian Lunar series.

2014_Beijing-Coin-Show-Special_revEach coin is struck from 1/2oz of 99.9% pure silver and issued as Australian legal tender.

The 2014 Australian Kangaroo coin depicts an iconic kangaroo in a rural location with spring wildflowers.

The 2015 Australian Lunar coin celebrates the Year of the Goat with a portrayal of three goats and the Chinese character for ‘goat’.

Presented in a display case with a unique illustrated shipper, this superb Set has a strict issue limit of just 1,000. Each Set is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity written in English and Chinese.2014_Beijing-Coin-Show-Special

Following the Beijing International Coin Exposition, which took place between 24 and 26 October 2014, a small number of these Two-Coin Sets are now available from The Perth Mint website.



  5 Responses to “Beijing International Coin Exposition Special”

  1. Hi Blogteam,
    Personally this ‘special’ is quite disappointing, especially when not a new Roo but one from a previous set has been added.

    In general it looks the 2015 Goat is not meeting the expectations since none of the prime releases (3-coin silver proof, 4-type, and 1oz silver proof) are sold out yet…

    On eBay it is showing as well, even worse; BU and proofs 70’s are sold quite cheap.

    So far I know the slowest Lunar coin of the second series.

    Any thoughts on this??


    • Hi Mokum

      Thanks for your comments – always interesting to get your feedback.

      Regarding the Year of the Goat coin program, it certainly isn’t as popular a theme as the Dragon, Snake and Horse. But we are committed to all twelve animals because series collectors would never forgive us for cherry picking the most popular ones!

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  2. Hi Blogteam,
    As a fanatic Lunar collector myself I surely hope you guys continuing on this and future series.

    However, hypothetical speaking, but would you not say that ‘popularity’ of the Goat sign is not the only thing that is causing this release to be the slowest so far?

    As the Goat is obviously less popular I would consider focussing on the design, as clearly the 2015 Goat design is by far appealing.

    So, as I have read you guys have won the award for Design Excellence (Congratz!!!) I am wondering why the current design did not go through a process where this is considered(??)

    Coming back to this special; why not revealing the new 2015 Roo BU which would make this set an awesome collectable?

    Looking forward to your response…


  3. Sorry, I meant LESS appealing….

    • Hi Mokum

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and to be fair there are plenty of people who like this design. Opinions will always be divided and we can even recall some criticism of the supremely successful Dragon design a few years back!

      (Anecdotally, we have heard some Chinese people do not favour the Year of the Goat for the birth of their children. Other animals are considered more auspicious – but who knows whether this is a factor?)

      Unfortunately, the Year of Goat designs were released too late to be included in our submission for the Design Excellence Award. They may, however, be included in next year’s submission.

      We take your point about the Beijing Coin Show Special. Practically-speaking our Chinese agent wanted two 1/2oz coloured silver coins in the set and the 2015 Kangaroo was simply not available for inclusion.

      Many thanks for your thoughts,


      Blog Team


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