Nov 102014

2014Christmas_coinThis year’s Christmas release is a coin with a difference.

Struck from 1/2oz of 99.9% pure silver, it depicts snow covered roofs set against a backdrop of snowflakes falling from the night sky. A silhouette of Santa Claus and his sleigh drawn by reindeer is reflected across the full moon.

Out of the ordinary

But its out of the ordinary aspect is a multimedia portrayal of Santa that can be seen via a smartphone or tablet.

To experience the delightful imagery and music, a collector must first download the free DAQRI application from the iTunes App Store or Google Play. Then by holding their device’s camera over the reverse of the coin (or the picture of the coin provided in the packaging), Santa can be seen delivering the Christmas coin on Christmas Eve!

Demonstration of the ‘augmented reality’ feature offered by this year’s Christmas coin.

Augmented reality

The special effect takes advantage of ‘augmented reality’, by which the view of the real-world through a digital device is supplemented by computer-generated sound and graphics.

A first of its kind for The Perth Mint, this amazing Australian legal tender release is housed in a display case accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity incorporating a Christmas gift tag. Instructions on how to activate the augmented reality Christmas coin are included in the packaging.

No more than 5,000 of these 2014 Christmas 1/2oz silver proof coins will be released.



  4 Responses to “Unique Perth Mint coin portrays Christmas in ‘augmented reality’”

  1. That’s not a “Christmas” coin, sigh.. that’s a politically correct “Season’s Greetings” coin. Where’s the collectability in that? When you pander to all, you lose a reason to collect it.

  2. what’s so innovate about this coin? it’s already been done on other products. AR is nothing new or innovative. stop telling like it is something groundbreaking. this is cheesy.

    • Thanks for commenting hubert. It is a first for The Perth Mint, and judging by customer responses and press reports, something that is viewed by most people as an innovation.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team


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