Nov 242014

The festive season is approaching rapidly and to make buying easier this year we’ve extended our range of sparkling gifts suitable for family and friends on Christmas morn.

As well as traditional Perth Mint favourites, we’ve a host of beautiful new offers ranging from super ideas for stocking fillers to gorgeous jewellery pieces.

Here we present a taster of what you’ll find on the expanded Gifts & Jewellery section of our website.


Pearl_Cufflinks Kailis Carbon Fibre Titanium Cufflinks
GoldGoatPendant Australian Lunar Series II
2015 1/20oz Goat Gold Coin Pendant



PinkDiamondPendant Teardrop Pendant
with White and Pink Diamonds
PearlNecklace Kailis Dolce Yellow Gold Pearl Necklace



GoldSoap Nesti Dante Luxury Gold Leaf Soap
GoldLeafBottle Floating Gold Leaf in a Bottle
Reindeer Gold Reindeer Christmas Decoration


SpacerOf course you could also add coins to your Christmas shopping list – we have hundreds celebrating dozens of themes!!

Happy shopping.



  2 Responses to “Easy guide to Christmas gift-giving”

  1. Hi Blog Team,

    I think your gold pendant range is superb however, listing the pendants under the category “For Him” (On this Blog) may be an over-sight, perhaps listing under “For Her” may be more appropriate.

    And, speaking of appropriate content; I’m somewhat disappointed that Perth have a Replica Gold Bullion Bar Doorstop for sale.

    In these times when we see the precious metals market flooded with replica items and blatant forgeries of your beautiful coins and bars I find it sad that Perth would on their own web-site sell such items.

    I hope you would consider, to perhaps make, The Perth Mint a business that does not deal in replicas of any shape and form and fwiw make it known world wide, that, the practice of replicas and counterfeits have no place in the precious metals market regardless of how harmless they may appear.

    Kind regards

    Billy Black Smith

    • Hi Billy Black Smith

      Thanks for commenting. It is great to hear client perceptions about products. While we take your point about the gold pendant, we’ve had feedback from our Shop that male customers are interested in the range and thus decided to include it in the blog as a suggestion.

      The Doorstop is very easily picked from the genuine article and is not even the same shape as the retail investment bars we manufacture. However, as with all concerns raised on this blog, your point will be highlighted to the sales and marketing team for consideration.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team


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