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Every summer the prospect of prolonged hot and dry weather creates the potential for destructive fires in Australia.

And each year firefighters put their lives on the line to protect people and property from the devastating consequences of fire.

As well as permanent and retained firefighters, there are also thousands of volunteer firemen and women who play a significant and vital role in defending communities all across Australia.

As the nation once again focuses attention on the bushfire season, we’re honoured to share an image of this numismatic tribute to the courage and dedication of Australian firefighters.

Do you know anything about this medallion?

Do you know anything about the medallion?

The medallion’s obverse portrays a fireman from an earlier era carrying a female occupant from a house fire.

Its reverse inscription reveals it was issued by the Australian Assembly of Volunteer Fire Brigade Associations on the occasion of its 1990 National Conference in Adelaide.

Although in the custody of The Perth Mint, we know nothing more about the provenance of this medallion and would be extremely pleased to hear from anyone with any information pertaining to its design and manufacture.



  5 Responses to “Firefighter medallion fans curiosity”

  1. You could investigate:

    1950 Firefighter Medal Of Honor


    Billy Black Smith

  2. Just wondering.

    Did you find the historical information for the medallion?

    Also, is there an approximate date for when the numismatic pdf documents will be updated? Last update was March and April 2014.

    Kind regards

    Billy Black Smith

    • Good to hear from you Billy Black Smith.

      Unfortunately no new information has emerged about the medallion. We did find imagery said to represent the 1950 Firefighter Medal Of Honor which was clearly based on the same design, however there are significant differences and they would appear to be mass-produced.

      Regarding the numismatic pdf documents, they are nearing completion and we’ll post a notification on the blog when they are available in the very near future.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

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