Dec 162014

The launch of the Commonwealth’s own silver coins in 1910 and first bronze coins in 1911 were key events in the history of modern Australia.

A few years after their introduction, the young nation faced its biggest challenge to that point – a world war of unimaginable carnage and horror.

Drawing together these important themes, this superb pre-decimal coin pack offers collectors an example of all six Commonwealth coins featuring year-dates between the fateful years of 1914 and 1918.

The First World War Australian Coinage Pack 1914-1918 comprises the following coins:

  • Threepence: 92.5% Silver, 7.5% Copper
  • Sixpence: 92.5% Silver, 7.5% Copper
  • Shilling: 92.5% Silver, 7.5% Copper
  • Florin: 92.5% Silver, 7.5% Copper
  • Halfpenny: 97% Copper, 2.5% Zinc, 0.5% Tin
  • Penny: 97% Copper, 2.5% Zinc, 0.5% Tin

The six coins are housed in a detailed A5-sized display folder which provides information, facts and figures about Australia’s involvement in World War I, as well as original wartime imagery.

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  4 Responses to “World War One pre-decimal coin pack – available now”

  1. Just Received My Order Of These Coins, I Have Better Coins In My Scrap Than The Ones I Received, By Far The Worst Product To Leave The Mint, I Would Not Recommend This Pack To My Worst Enemy

    • Hi John

      Sorry to hear that you are unhappy with this coin pack. If you would like to take advantage of our 30 Day Refund policy, please call customer service on 1300 663 991 / +61 8 9421 7218.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  2. Are these WWI coins re-strikes or original? Also, there are the three commemorative coins also for sale by the Perth Mint – are these re-strikes or original? It seems to me that they are priced very low. If they are re-strikes then how do you tell the difference between the re-strikes and the original coins?

    Thank you.

    John Verberkmoes
    Madison, Wisconsin, USA


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