Dec 192014

MerryChristmas from The Perth Mint


  2 Responses to “Merry Christmas”

  1. All the best Blog team and thanks for a fabulous year of very special coins.

    All the best to the designers, fabricators, guys behind the scenes like the pad stampers that often don’t get a thank you.
    The Blog team have been instrumental in keeping us up-to-date with what’s going on and have provided logical and unbiased comments.

    We enjoy your coins and the pleasure you bring to collectors and stacker’s.

    You will never please all of us, but be assured, I and others will try to provide feedback that is constructive so that you and the market are kept up to date with what we think.

    For me, the highlight for 2014 was the release of the 2015 goat. The layout of the 3 goats in the Ag coins is perfect.

    Take care and be safe over Christmas.


    Billy Black Smith

    • Thank you Billie Black Smith – we will pass your kind sentiments on to all those involved in the many production processes here at the Mint. Your comments, questions, criticism and praise are always most welcome and we appreciate the dialogue you help create. Looking forward to continuing our discussions with you next year,

      Very best wishes,

      Blog Team


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