Jan 062015

Happy New Year to coin collectors everywhere. We hope you’re looking forward to 2015 with as much anticipation as we are! This year’s exciting and extensive program features some fantastic new themes; new editions of our established favourites are back for long-term collectors, and we’ll also bring you some outstanding world releases.

January’s line-up looks amazing. One of our favourites is the simply gorgeous Snugglepot and Cuddlepie silver coin release. If you love cats, then this bulletin is definitely not to be missed! Enjoy these and many more as we start another great year for modern Australian collectables.



  13 Responses to “January 2015 New Product Bulletin – out today

  1. Hello Blog Team,

    Would you have an approximate release date for the 2015 Carded Koala please?

    Is the coin going to be coloured and are you considering double coin packs containing a coloured coin and an unc coin?


    Billy Black Smith

    • Hi Billy Black Smith

      As relayed to Norbert in a previous thread (http://blog.perthmint.com.au/2014/11/04/november-2014-new-product-bulletin-out-today/#comments), unfortunately there will be no 2015 release of the 1oz coloured Koala on card as a result of low sales volumes.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

      • Cheers, thanks for the reply Blog team..

        Will you be issuing a BU Koala carded coin?


        Is this the end of the carded Koala?

        Kind regards

        Billy Black Smith

        • Hi Billy Black Smith

          The 2015 release has been cancelled and it is very unlikely to go ahead in subsequent years. We would certainly be happy to let you know once a definitive decision is announced.

          Kind regards

          Blog Team

          • Blog Team,

            It would be very disappointing not to continue the carded Koala coins.

            Sure, the coloured coins may-not be popular but there’s still a lot of interest in carded Koala’s and carded twin packs like the Kookaburra and Koala sets.

            Imo, the wording on the coloured coins may have included the word “Specimen” coin as per your mintage policy but unfortunately they were named as “Coloured Silver Coins”.

            Imo, the word “Specimen” is “The” word that collectors look for.

            Having said that, there is opposition to coloured coins but, few collectors realise that the only way to complete a Koala collection is to include the 1oz coloured coins on card.

            There’s quite a few folk who say they would indeed buy a carded Koala but I would suggest that the wording for the carded coin would be the trick to gain sales and collector favouritism.

            Here’s some points that the Blog Team may consider:

            *Individually numbered packaging.

            *Hand selected uncirculated brilliant coins (UNC)

            *Include the words “Specimen” coin.

            *The words “Specimen” eg: This coin is a hand selected uncirculated Silver bullion Koala coin and a representative specimen of the 2015 Koala mintage.

            *Consider a limited mintage.

            The mintage for the official Perth Mint Koala carded coins is: (Correct as at 15 Jan 2015)

            2007 3,060
            2008 4,601
            2009 6,292
            2010 2,752
            2011 11,865
            2012 2,315
            2013 4958
            2014 pending

            The average is 5,120 carded coins.

            All the best Blog team.

            Kind regards

            Billy Black Smith


            Is there a final figure for the 2014 Carded coloured Koala?

          • Hi Billy Black Smith

            Thanks you for your soundly argued contribution to the debate about the 1oz coloured Koala in card. You have made some interesting observations for internal discussion.

            We will, of course, keep you abreast of any development should the our recent decision change in future years.

            Kind regards

            Blog Team

          • Hi Blog Team

            Who wonders I am fully in line with Billy Black Smith. I have raised some of his arguments for carded Kolas already.

            @Billy Black Smith

            In your filing of the single 1oz carded Koalas
            you have missed the 2007 WMF special issue with 1090 peaces only. 😉

            Kind regards

          • @Billy Black Smith

            my previous statement of 1090 was a typo – sorry

            Kind regards

  2. Is there a 2015 Lunar Goat 1 oz. silver coin gold ring edition? I have seen it on European coin sites. Is this real or fake? I have seen them in the past. It looks like these are for the Asian market. Some of the writing on the box looks Asian in origin. Can you inform me better?

  3. the correct figure is 1180 pcs.

  4. Hi Blog Team,

    The 1oz Koala gilded in you shop (http://www.perthmint.com.au/catalogue/australian-koala-2015-one-ounce-silver-gilded-edition.aspx) is indicated as unavailable. Is that the case because it is sold out already or is your stock only sold and at the moment there is no demand for the coin causing you to mint it?

    Kind regards,


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