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Taking place between 30 January and 1 February 2015 at the Estrel Convention Centre in Berlin, the 44th World Money Fair promises to be a numismatic weekend like no other. Highlights include the first issue of many collector and commemorative coins, numerous prize draws and fascinating attractions.

Perth Mint 2015 WMF Coin Show Special

A key attraction on The Perth Mint stand (number – E8) is our WMF Coin Show Special. This stunning release is the first proof quality 1oz Australian Kookaburra silver coin (regular strike) to be issued since 2005.


The Australian Kookaburra 2015 1oz Silver Proof Berlin Coin Show Special features Stuart Devlin’s original Kookaburra design from 1990 with a P25 anniversary mintmark. Just 2,500 of these of these coins will be released in display packaging featuring a World Money Fair shipper.

For collectors not present in Berlin, look out for the opportunity to acquire any remaining mintage from this very limited release from The Perth Mint website on 2 February.



  17 Responses to “Perth Mint at 2015 World Money Fair, Berlin”

  1. Is 2,500 the total mintage of this P25 anniverary Proof Kookaburra or just 2,500 in this WMF shipper? Probably additional quantity of the same coin in another shipper later?

  2. What will be the price of this WMF special 1oz Australian Kookaburra silver coin in display packaging? What methods of payment will be accepted at The Perth Mint stand in Berlin?

    • Hi Stefan

      The RRP in Berlin for the show special will be 70 euro. Only cash will be accepted on The Perth Mint stand.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  3. Hi Blog Team,

    I have found this stunning release of Kookaburra 2015 framed by an 2oz siver ingot in an official looking presentation box from Perth Mint here:
    Is this still banned or a dealer issue?

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Norbert

      The coin is presented this way by MDM – please see here for details.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

      • Hi Blog Team,

        Thanks for the information.

        Just to clarify what you define as an offical dear issue (like the present one from MDM). Does it mean everything they offer (as linked to MDM shop) is made by Pertth Mint in order of MDM? That includes of course the coin, the silver ingot, case and a possible shipper and the CoA. If not please clarify.
        In 2008 an 2009 MDM has had also the 3 and 4 coin Koala silver and gold set.It would be interesting for me knowing this for these sets too.

        Kind regards,

        • Hi Norbert

          There is a trend toward distributors wanting exclusive products. In this instance, we supplied MDM with coin only and they were responsible for developing the ingot, packaging and certificate.

          The 2008/09 releases were different in that we compiled the sets, produced the packaging etc and sold them to MDM for exclusive re-sale.

          Hope this helps

          Kind regards

          Blog Team

  4. Hello brings her euro of whole ones they coin on the 30 th of januar come out with and can buy them there?

  5. Will the RRP be the same if the spot per ounce of sliver is higher than €70? Certainly headed on that direction 🙂

    Fantastic coin though. I’m trying to collect lunars but proof kooks keep flying into my life. Not sure how I’ll get one of these in australia though.

  6. is the Australian 6 coin RAM mint set issued BWMF with 1,000 mintages is the actual number worldwide or just for australia


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