Mar 092015

The Blue Tongue Lizard is the latest addition to Australia’s Remarkable Reptiles, a fascinating silver coin series which also includes the Frilled Neck Lizard and Thorny Devil Lizard.


Two Extraordinary Facts About Blue Tongues

  • This lizard attempts to frighten its enemies by sticking its unusually coloured tongue out!
  • If grabbed from behind, the blue tongue’s tail may drop off as it tries to escape. (Fortunately, it grows back again!)

The largest members of the skink family, Blue Tongue Lizards prefer open country with lots of ground cover. But they also adapt well to the suburbs where they can sometimes be found living in large back yards.

Blue Tongues are not poisonous and will not bite unless provoked. In fact, they’re great garden companions that will help keep snails and slugs at bay.

Australia’s Remarkable Reptiles – Blue Tongue Lizard 2015 1oz Silver Proof Coin

Struck by The Perth Mint from 1oz of 99.9% silver in proof quality and issued by Downies, the third coin in this series portrays a Blue Tongue Lizard in colour with its tongue extended.

No more than 5,000 of these coins will be issued, each housed in a wooden presentation case and custom designed shipper accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.



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  1. Many thanks great content.This Blue Tongue coin should be a best seller hundreds of Aussie kids had Blue Tongue lizards,Including myself, brings back childhood memories.


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