Jun 022015

The latest release from the highly sought-after Goddesses of Olympus 2oz Silver High Relief Coin Series portrays Athena. Featuring another superb design by Tom Vaughan, the coin’s intricate detailing is struck in high relief with an ‘antiqued’ finish. Here we present a guide to themes and motifs explored on the reverse.


α Athena Greek Goddess of War and Wisdom, patron deity of Athens. She also represented courage, strength, inspiration, law, justice, civilisation, arts, crafts and literature
β Shield portraying the gorgon Medusa’s head, which was given to Athena by Perseus
γ P Perth Mint mintmark
δ Parthenon Greek temple dedicated to Athena built on the Acropolis Hill
ε Serpent guardian of the Acropolis and incarnation of Erichthonius, progeny of Athena’s seducer, Hephaestus.
ζ TV designer’s initials (Tom Vaughan)
η Athens city-state to which Athena gave her name
θ Spear thrust into the ground by Athena during a competition with Poseidon to become patron of Athens
ι Olive Tree symbolising peace and prosperity, the tree sprang from the hole created by Athena’s spear
κ Owl Athena’s sacred bird, symbol of wisdom
λ Aegis animal skin cloak possessing supernatural powers




  14 Responses to “DESIGN GUIDE Goddesses of Olympus – Athena 2015 2oz Silver High Relief Coin”

  1. Can I preorder this coin?

    • Hi Jacob

      This coin went on sale today and due to phenomenal demand, our website allocation is already fully subscribed. You may still be lucky if you wish to contact our official distributors.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  2. when will this coin be for sale? nice looking coin.

    • Hi Charles

      The coin was available from this morning, but as a result of huge interest our website allocation is exhausted already. The only thing we can suggest now is that you check with our official distributors for remaining availability.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  3. I want to buy this .Can l order 2

    • Hi Lau

      Unfortunately our website stock is fully accounted for already due to a high level of sales from early this morning. Should you wish to find the coin, please try our authorised distributors.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  4. Well done Perth Mint! Surely this coin series must have broken a few records!

    All the coins are superb, but this (being an Athenian!) is by far my favourite so far. Was up till silly hours in the morning for us here in Europe, to order one, but it was well worth it.

    Can’t wait for Aphrodite next, to complete the series! Maybe another 6 in the future to complete the 12 gods/goddesses of Olympus? (one can wish!)

    Many thanks

  5. Hi! Tell me when and at what time appear on the market the new coins, I would like to be ready for the following novelties the Perth Mint)

    • Hi Alex

      We provide details of the next launch on our home page – http://www.perthmint.com.au. By clicking the words Next Release: 8.00am 7 July 2015 (AWST) you will see the full list of scheduled releases.

      Hope you find something that you like!

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

    • I’ve tried and tried to get on a list of some kind but alas there was no list. I also complained at the markup the distributors are doing. The mint does not care what happens to the coins once they’re sold. So expect to pay double the list price at a minimum.
      I got lucky with The Talisman coin site and bought last night while surfing. So I say to all of you. You have to get lucky on your timing to get one of these from the mint directly. They don’t even advertise when it goes on sale. I’m on the mailing lists and I get no advance sale promo’s. This is just the way it is.

      • Hi Byron

        Thanks for your comments. Just a couple of points to bear in mind…

        All forthcoming releases are announced on our website one month in advance. There is a link to this information on the front page of this blog and also on the front page of our website http://www.perthmint.com.au

        Our e-mail newsletter of 27 May included details of all June releases, including Athena.

        The Mint has no control over dealer pricing under Australian law.

        This series is extremely popular worldwide and with a mintage of just 2,000 it’s inevitable that there will be some disappointed collectors.

        Kind regards

        Blog Team

  6. Sadly the Perth mint as well as many others, surprisingly the United States mint does not do it, are mostly minting coins for coin dealers, who then double or triple the price to collectors. They will deny this of course but Talisman Coins had the coin for sale just before the mint lists them and had a red sign saying, ” Sold Out At the mint!”. Surprise! Surprise! The mint is sold out! Why? Because they presold most of them to coin dealers at wholesale prices and by doing so take the enjoyment out of collecting for the serious collectors. Many of whom cannot afford to pay $300.00 for the coin. Your “Distrubitors” such as GovMint.com is the most reviled coin dealer in the United States! Why don’t you consider the collectors and quit making the distributors rich!?

    • Hi Chris

      Thanks for your comments which we have brought to the attention of our sales & marketing team for consideration and action.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team


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