Jun 222015

The Perth Mint is aiming to heighten interest in half sovereigns with a stunning commemorative that will be available for an extremely short time.

Circulating half sovereign gold coins were produced in Australia between 1855 and 1918.

Worth half a pound sterling (ten shillings), they were initially struck at the Sydney Mint with a ‘colonial’ design unique to New South Wales. Later, these coins were manufactured with Imperial designs at all three Australian branch mints in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Delicate coins, they proved “a great bother to make” according to Deputy Master Corbet in Perth, who nevertheless struck 735,000 ‘P’ half sovereigns to impeccable standards for issue between 1900 and 1920.

2015 Australia Half Sovereign Gold Proof Coin


Featuring a stunning proof quality finish, this is the first commemorative Australia Half Sovereign ever produced by The Perth Mint. With a design inspired by the Sydney Mint’s original half sovereign, it’s made from 22-carat gold, the traditional purity of all sovereign coins since 1817. Issued as Australian legal tender, it has face value of 15 dollars.

Available for a short time only

An extremely limited number of 2015 Australia Half Sovereign gold proof coins are available from The Perth Mint until 8.00am on Friday 17th July AWST. No further coins will be offered should this allocation run out before the strict deadline date when any remaining stock will be withdrawn.



  8 Responses to “First gold proof Australia Half Sovereign available for extremely limited time”

  1. How much are they? Brother in Law would love one.

  2. Is this the first time that Perth Mint is producing Gold Half Sovereigns in the past 100 years? Meaning that perth mint did not produce any Gold Half Sovereigns in 2014, 2013, 2012…

    • Hi Jon

      No commemorative Australia Half Sovereign Gold Proof Coins were produced by The Perth Mint prior to 2015.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  3. I have three of these 2015 Half Sovereigns, will there be 2016 Half Sovereigns? or is this a one off?

    • Hi John

      Yes, the Australia Half Sovereign is on the release schedule for next year.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

      • Thanks Team, i should have asked before but will the buyers of these Half Sovereigns get the first chance to buy them next year? Thank you.

    • Hi John, would you consider selling one of them/


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