Jun 222015

Gold Corporation, operator of The Perth Mint, has announced the appointment of Donald Mackay-Coghill as its new Chairman, and Richard Hayes as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective from 1 July 2015.

Mr Mackay-Coghill, former Chief Executive Officer of Gold Corporation for 17 years until 2003, is known as a pioneer in the global precious metals industry. As founder of the Australian Precious Metals Coin Program, one of his most notable achievements was the introduction of the Australian Nugget gold coin series in 1987; the success of which motivated the development of Australia’s annual bullion coin program.

Mr Hayes has been an Executive Director of Gold Corporation since 2003 through his position as Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Chief Executive. Prior to this term, Mr Hayes held senior management positions with precious metals refining operations Australian Gold Refineries (AGR) Matthey and Golden West Refining Corporation Limited.

Mr Hayes will succeed Ed Harbuz who has led the institution with vigour for more than a decade.

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  3 Responses to “Perth Mint Announces New Chair and CEO”

  1. Great to see new leadership.

    Hopefully the new CEO Mr, Hayes will provide some solid leadership.

    Here’s a list of suggestions for collectors and stackers.

    *A new 5oz Silver Perth Mint bullion bar.

    *New design for the 10oz, Kilo and 100oz bars that include the name “Silver” stamped on the bar (Currently there’s no stamping of what your bullion products are).

    *Tidy up the Numismatic products so that items that have not sold are retired from sale; currently you have products such as the proof gold dragons that have been for-sale for years.

    *Consider reintroduce carded silver Koala’s but with, numbered cards containing a coin or coins graded not less than MS69.

    *Consider introducing silver bullion bars that are polished / proof quality. (There’s a market for limited edition, highly polished and numbered Perth Mint Bullion bars)

    *Lastly, there’s an ongoing need to ensure Perth’s products do not gain negative exposure like some of the problems with Canadian coins because the words white turn investors and collectors away from numismatic and bullion products that develop such issues. (As I see it, this is your number one priority which should be adressed.

    All the best, I look forward to many years of happy collecting and stacking.

    Kind regards

    Billy Black Smith

    • Hi Billy Black Smith

      Thank you for your many suggestions about how The Perth Mint can help collectors and stackers. We’ll certainly be considering each one of your points in detail.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  2. Hi BBS,

    I am going to support you in so far that I see a strong demand on collector side for clean coins which are not getting milky spots later on. Regardless if it is a bullion or a proof coin. But as I understood by a contribution of Bron Sucheckion SiverStacker: http://forums.silverstackers.com/topic-59730-exclusive-to-silverstackers-electron-microscope-images-of-white-spot-page-2.html
    The problem has been identified and PM is hardly working to stop possible milky spots on future coins (hopefully).

    Another think you mentioned is the reintroduction of the carded silver Koalas with numbered cards which I am supporting too!

    Kind regards


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