Jul 072015

This month the Star Trek coin program celebrates the 24th century adventures of Deep Space Nine. Fans will be delighted at the designs of the two silver proof coins featuring Captain Benjamin Sisko and the Deep Space 9 space station.

Stunning new silver releases reflect worldwide interest in the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s timeless classic, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The superb issues include a 2oz antiqued release featuring an embedded clock!

Outstanding high relief coins come aplenty with 2015 additions to the gold and silver Wedge-tailed Eagle series and the iconic Australian Kangaroo.

More famous native animals – a kookaburra, kangaroo and koala – are portrayed in colour on this year’s Australian Outback 1/2oz silver coin collection.

An addition to Sunburnt Country, another coloured Australian series, symbolises the Great Barrier Reef with the inscription “I love her jewel sea” from Dorothy Mackellar’s beloved poem, My Country.

July also marks the release of the fifth coins from the popular Disney Princess series. This month it’s the turn of Jasmine, the star of Alladin.

Finally, the 2015 0.5g gold Mini Koala makes an adorable gift or personal keepsake.




  4 Responses to “July 2015 New Product Bulletin – out today

  1. Hi Blog Team,

    Another coin series which is comming to an end is the Outback Collection set.
    This set was containing the last remaining coloured Koala silbver coin.
    After you have burried the coloured 1oz Koala in card and the cared Koalas at all the is non coloured version of this type of coin any more.
    Was the reason the decreasing demand?
    I have been asked this in a German coin forum and this guy suggested as following:
    If the reduced sales was the reason to stop this serious you should consider the high premium of these coins which is more than four times the silver spot price.
    Maybe a little less premium could presumably result in higher sales figures to keep such a serious lasting longer in future.

    Your comments are appreciated which I will forward.

    Kind regards,


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