Jul 082015

The following collector coin release is now sold out at The Perth Mint.

Athena_thmb Goddesses of Olympus – Athena
2015 2oz Silver High Relief Coin

Maximum Mintage: 2,000



  2 Responses to “SOLD OUT Greek goddess Athena”

  1. The best looking coin so far for the ladies/goddesses.
    Every attempt at buying this coin from the mint was met with miserable failure. It’s as if it’s been sold out prior to going on sale. For all 6 coins in the God/Goddesses series I spent anywhere from 200-405 apiece. I tried to get some help but there wasn’t anything they could do. I already knew that but it was worth a shot at a good response.
    I rate the coins all at 5 out of 5 stars

    • Thanks for commenting stgecko. The series was ‘hot’ thanks to a combination of popular theme/design and very limited mintage. As is our standard practice, the mintage was allocated between our web, shop and catalogue retail channels. Beyond this, the coins were also allocated to international coin dealers worldwide. So it wasn’t that they were sold out before going on sale, it was just that each channel only received a very small quantity of stock. With the tremendous interest we received at launch time, the web allocation was almost instantly accounted for. Although this does not ease your frustration, hopefully it does provide an understanding of what happened.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team


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