Sep 012015

The final release from the highly sought-after Goddesses of Olympus 2oz Silver High Relief Coin Series portrays Aphrodite. Featuring another superb design by Tom Vaughan, the coin’s intricate detailing is struck in high relief with an ‘antiqued’ finish. Here we present a guide to themes and motifs explored on the reverse.


α Aphrodite Greek Goddess of Love, Pleasure and Beauty. Although married to Hephaestus, she had many lovers, including her brother Ares, the God of War; Anchises, the Trojan shepherd; and Adonis, the God of Beauty and Desire.
β Roses symbols of beauty, roses are arranged as a garland in her hair
γ Aphrodite’s Rock
in Greek mythology, anyone who swam around Aphrodite’s Rock, a sea stack off Cypress, was said to possess eternal beauty
δ Girdle her magic cestus (girdle), was believed to make Aphrodite’s beauty even more irresistible
ε TV designer’s initials (Tom Vaughan)
ζ Mirror Aphrodite’s sacred looking-glass
η Swan a symbol of beauty and grace, the swan was one of her sacred birds
θ Scallop Aphrodite was said to have drifted to the shores of Cypress on a giant scallop shell
ι Sea-foam In legend, Aphrodite was born from sea-foam at the spot where Uranus plunged into the ocean
κ P Perth Mint ‘P’ mintmark
λ Dolphin a symbol of romance, the dolphin was also sacred to Aphrodite
μ Dove symbols of peace and love, Aphrodite’s other sacred bird



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