Nov 032015

This month sees the release of two new additions to the Year of the Monkey coin program. Each meticulously struck from 1oz of pure silver, the High Relief Proof Monkey and the Gilded Monkey are stunning collectables.

If you call Australia home, then don’t miss our Australian Citizenship coin on card for 2016. Be sure to order yours in time for Australia Day, especially if you’re looking for a gift to present to new Aussies!

For something special, look out for our new Three-CoinSet featuring this year’s Kangaroo, Kookaburra and Koala 1oz silver high relief coins – only 1,000 of these superb presentations will be available.

We’re also offering our internationally popular Wedge-tailed Eagle as a 5oz High Relief silver coin with a worldwide mintage of only 2,500.

The wait is finally over for Star Trek fans wishing to complete the Captain and Ships series. Jonathon Archer and Enterprise NX-01 complete the remarkable line-up of silver releases dedicated to the phenomenally successful sci-fi series launched in 1966.

Fans of the much-admired Chinese Ancient Mythical Creatures silver coin will be pleased to learn that there is now a 1oz High Relief proof version to enjoy.

This month also sees the latest annual coin featuring baby lunar animals. No doubt the cute monkey design will inspire another sell-out in this gorgeous series.



  7 Responses to “NOVEMBER 2015 New Product Bulletin – out today

  1. Hi Blog Team,

    Am I right that you do not mint a Mini Kookaburra Gold Coin of 0.5 gram in 2015 as allowed in the comlawgov statements.
    Are there any further cuts for the remainig Mini Gold Coins Series foreseeable?

    Kind regards

  2. 🙁

  3. Hopefully the dying of the (Silver)-Koalas is ending now.
    Not many of them (neither in proof nor in bullion condition”) survived.:-(

    Do you also have problems with the delivery of the 5oz Silver Koala in High Relief.
    My local dealer reported a delay and cannot provide a delivery schedule yet.

    Kind regrads

    • Hi Norbert

      Stock has already been delivered to key customers in Germany and we understand that additional coins will be dispatched from Perth shortly, so it should not be very long until your dealer receives his order.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team


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