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  13 Responses to “Christmas Competition
Week 7 (of 9)

  1. a dingo would be better

  2. Not sure what this comment section is for?

  3. Would be a wonderful Christmas surprise if I win.

  4. Hello,

    I love the idea of a competition. I am sharing it on my Coin Group.

  5. Grand prize should be trip to perth mint!

  6. A penny for your thoughts…

  7. Three coins in a fountain… Which one will the fountain Bless?

  8. Is there a winner from last week?

  9. I love the Perth Mint site, i purchased a coin for my step dad for his 80th birthday. He was born in Perth, but has lived in Qld most of his life. He was really overcome with joy and i think there was a tiny tear drop. I would definately recommend a coin for a special person for a special occassion. I have bought the Baby Sets as a gift for a new born too. Much better than another plastic toy.

  10. A safe and happy Christmas to you all and your loved ones.

  11. Competitions like this are a great idea. Look forward to more.

  12. Treasure every Merry Xmas
    Be kind to all !!!


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