Dec 082015


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Week 8 (of 9)

  1. Thank you all for the chance to win this AWESOME coin!!! I hope & pray I do this right. I am not to bright and I am afraid I will do this wrong but here it goes. I was born under the Year of the Snake sign and for about a month now I have been trying to collect all the year of the Snake coins I can afford. My wife is about to kill me because I am disabled and my income is set and not all that much. I would LOVE to someday get this set!!!!!! AUSTRALIAN LUNAR SERIES II 2013 YEAR OF THE SNAKE TYPESET COLLECTION They say dreams come true,,,,, well I am hoping. πŸ™‚ I have ALWAYS wanted a REAL Gold Coin so I am dreaming again. lol Thank you all once again. Take care & have a great night/day. Be Good & Be Safe, Mark

    • Hi Mark ,.. I am a year of the snake also .. maybe collecting things we cant afford is our destiny ! πŸ™‚ not only cant i afford the coins I want on here , the added post charge doesnt help either πŸ™ . do try ebay though as some of the sellers on there are given precedence to coins, before people like us, by perth mint & offer free post with the buying price not all that different & in the case of a seller making a spelling mistake even better with an auction ! :)) Ive been able to get some good bargains, which I sell a little later to gain more money for the ones I want πŸ˜‰
      all the best & i hope your dreams come true .. merry xmas , Anne


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