Dec 152015


  6 Responses to “Christmas Competition
Week 9 (of 9)

  1. I wish it was Christmas each day of the year
    Family’s together, a time of great cheer.
    These times are so precious , we are not here too long,
    So join in the merriment, the cheer and a song!

  2. In the spirit of Christmas, Precious Metals and the Perth Mint How about a little seasonal precious metal cheer:

    ( Bullion Rules )


    Performed as

    Jingle Bells

    Dashing through red dust,
    In our shiny bullion sleigh
    Over dunes we ride,
    Coughing as we say
    Gold and Silver coins
    Perth Mint is where they lay
    Oh what fun it is to dream
    Of a gold and silver day

    Oh, bullion rules, bullion rules
    The greenback’s had its day,
    Oh what fun it is to ride
    In a shiny bullion sleigh, Hey!
    Oh bullion rules, bullion rules
    The greenback’s had it day,
    Oh what fun it is to ride
    In our shiny bullion sleigh

    Well it’s a nice dream anyway!

  3. Seasons Greeting to every one
    Now its time for Christmas Fun
    Carols and presents under the tree
    and wondering what Santa has left there for me
    Shortbread ,Truffles & Fruitcake Oh Yum
    Pudding & Ice Cream to delight my Tum
    Toys and noise & children run free
    after the parents big spending spree
    Now’s the time to rest & relax
    and try to recoup some money back.
    Back to work soon with a slight larger girth
    and hope that there will be Peace on Earth.

  4. Its the most wonderful time of the year again, When we unwind, relax and try to have fun
    Enjoying the Childrens delight, Waiting and hoping on Christmas night
    Their little faces full of hope and joy, awaiting for their favourite toy
    We greet Aunties,Uncles & Cousins with glee, and ask Granny about her poor aching knee, and try not to worry about Credit Card fees
    I really feel like going to Bed after listening for hours to old Uncle Fred
    Next its time to get rid of that tree, then its back to the daily grind for me.


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