Feb 082016

Today is Chinese New Year. Ever since we launched the Australian Lunar coin series back in 1996, it has been traditional for The Perth Mint to wish customers and friends Gong Xi Fa Cai.

This year, Chinese and other Asian communities throughout the world welcome back the Monkey. Laden with significance, the ninth animal of the ancient lunar calendar is said to bestow intelligence, wisdom, optimism, ambition and a sense of adventure on those born under its influence.

Befitting the significance of the monkey in Chinese folklore, The Perth Mint has released an extensive coin program marking the Chinese New Year. For your ease, here we present a complete guide to the wide-ranging choice of coins from which you can choose a personal keepsake, or a fitting gift for anyone born under the sign of the Monkey in either of these years – 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 and 2016.

11-2016-YearOfTheMonkey-Silver-Proof-StraightOn-LowRes Australian Lunar Series II
2016 1kg, 1oz, 1/2oz Silver Proof Coins
02-2016-YearOfTheMonkey-Gold-Proof-StraightOn-LowRes Australian Lunar Series II
2016 1oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz Gold Proof Coins
02-2016-YearOfTheMonkey-Silver-Coloured-Proof-StraightOn-LowRes Australian Lunar Series II
2016 1oz, 1/2oz Silver Proof Coloured Editions
02-2016-YearOfTheMonkey-Gold-Coloured-Proof-StraightOn-LowRes Australian Lunar Series II
1oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz Gold Proof Coloured Editions
11-2016-YearOfTheMonkey-Typeset-1oz-InCase-LowRes Australian Lunar Series II
2016 1oz Silver Typeset Collection
02-2016-YearOfTheMonkey-Silver-1oz-HighRelief-Proof-StraightOn-LowRes Australian Lunar Series II
2016 1oz Silver Proof High Relief Coin
02-2016-YearOfTheMonkey-Silver-1oz-Gilded-StraightOn-LowRes Australian Lunar Series II
2016 1oz Silver Gilded Edition Coin
YearOfTheMonkey-Gold-1oz-HighRelief-Proof Australian Lunar Series II
2016 1oz Gold Proof High Relief Coin
2016-YearOfTheMonkey-Silver-1kilo-GemEye Australian Lunar Series II
2016 1Kilo Silver Gemstone Edition
2016-MonkeyKing-Silver-1oz-Coloured Monkey King
2016 1oz Silver Coloured Coin
OpalMonkey Australian Opal – Lunar Monkey
2016 1oz Silver Proof Coin
2016-YearOfTheMonkey-Wealth&Wisdom-Silver-1oz-2CoinSet Lunar Good Fortune Series – Wealth and Wisdom
2016 1oz Silver Two-Coin Set
Fu-Lu-Shou-In-Case Chinese Astrological Series –
‘Prosperity’, ‘Longevity’ and ‘Success’
2016 1/5oz Gold Three-Coin Set
Prosperity-1_5oz-Gold-Coin Chinese Astrological Series – ‘Prosperity’
2016 1/5oz Gold Coin
 2016LunarCalendarSeries_100 Lunar Calendar Series
2016 1oz Silver Proof Four-Coin Set
YOM_pnc Year of the Monkey
2016 Stamp & Coin Cover




  13 Responses to “Complete guide to ‘Year of the Monkey’ coins”

  1. Dear PM,

    Will the Lunar Opal Monkey be the 1st coin to a series for the subsequent Lunar Opal coins? If it is, can we confirm that it will be a complete series of 12 coins to complete a full lunar cycle? Thanks for your answer.

    • Hi there, we have confirmed that we are doing an Lunar Opal Rooster for 2017 and we hope to continue based on market demand.

      Kind regards
      Blog Team

  2. Hi Blog Team,

    I hope anybody is still on duty to answer a question about the outstanding coloured BU Lunar II coins (monkey). Is there any timetable existing already?

    Kind regards

    • Dear Norbert

      The 1/2oz silver and 1oz silver coloured bullion Year of the Monkey coins will be available from next Monday.

      Kind regards
      Blog Team

  3. Hi Blog Team,

    For some time now, I’ve wanted to buy a 10oz silver Lunar Monkey “bullion” coin but there’s none available on the Bullion website.

    When do you think will they be available?


    Billy Black Smith.

    • Hi Billy Black Smith

      There remains a delay in production of these coins. Apologies that we are unable to inform you exactly when they will be available, but we will make an announcement via the blog and email newsletters as soon as stock arrives,

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

      • Hi Blog Team, is there an update for when coins will be available?

        It’s been over a month and still no coins available. 🙁

        Kind regards

        Billy Black Smith

        • Hi Billy Black Smith

          Apologies for this delay. We are looking towards the end of May before the 10oz silver bullion Monkey coin will be available.

          Kind regards

          Blog Team

  4. Do you have any detailed information about the Monkey King gold coin, such as type and mintage?

    • Hi

      The Monkey King gold coloured coins were made in five sizes: 1oz (max mintage – 6,000, 1/2oz (max mintage 8,000), 1/4oz (max mintage 8,000), 1/10oz (max mintage 50,000) and 1/20oz (max mintage 50,000).

      Hope this helps,


      Blog Team

      • Dear Blog Team,

        Thank you very much for the super quick reply!

        Would you also let me know how many you have already made for each class to date? It will be great of great help if you would like to let me know this.

        Best wishes,


      • Dear Blog Team,

        Thank you very much for the nice reply.

        Would you also let me know how many have you made for each type above mentioned up to date?

        Thank you very much


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