May 032016

OctopusX250The octopus is one of the largest, most intelligent and mobile invertebrates (animals with no backbone) on Earth. With eight arms and the ability to rapidly change colour, it is also one of the most unusual-looking creatures on Australian reefs.

For your chance to win this superb Octopus 1/2oz Silver Proof Coin from our Australian Sea Life II Series, use the following clue to help unscramble these letters.

Clue: Latin name for octopus, squid, cuttlefish, and nautilus.


How to enter:Email your answer to marking your reply ‘May 2016 Anagram Competition’ in the subject line. Please include your name, address and telephone number. Entries close on 6 June 2016. Eligible entrants will be included in the free draw and the winner will be notified by telephone or email. Terms and conditions.

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April 2016 anagram competition winner: Congratulations Jason Weier of NSW for the correct answer of ‘Australian Boab Tree’.


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