May 032016

May’s new product bulletin reveals stunning new additions to our 2016 coin program. For full details of each coin releases, check out this electronic bulletin and/or the links below:

A true Aussie icon, the Australian Koala is now available in the large 1 kilo proof format. There’s only 500 in the mintage, so be quick!

The same limit applies to Kimberley Sunrise, the title of an extraordinarily beautiful gold coin featuring a genuine fine white diamond in its design.

Paying tribute to the historic Sydney Type I, our 2016 Australia Sovereign gold proof coin is a true classic of modern Australian numismatics.

Meanwhile, our world-renowned Australian Kookaburra now comes in outstanding 1oz and 5oz ‘high relief’ versions.

Exceptionally popular, the Australian Stock Horse 1oz silver coin is back in 2016 with great new design.

The Cubs series continues with a reverse dedicated to the third largest feline in the world – the jaguar.

And what could be more appropriate for Mother’s Day than our spectacular Language of Love coin made from 2oz of silver?

Also available this month, the exclusive Gold Pressed Latinum Slip is an amazing acquisition for Star Trek fans on the look-out for unique memorabilia.



  6 Responses to “May 2016 New Product Bulletin – out today

  1. Hello Blog Team,

    nice to see first 2016 numismatic Koalas comming out of its long winter sleep.
    The 1 Kilo Koala shipper has got a nice fresh illustrated design as the 5 oz Kookaburra is having.
    But unfortunately you are showing the shipper of the 5oz Kooka instead of the one of the 1 Kilo Koala (which I could see already on our local distributors web site):

    The pictures are also showing the old styled case. Does it come with the new styled one as already issued with the 1oz gilded, the High Relief Koals in 2015?

    Kind regards

    • Hi Norbert

      Thank you for your observation. We have amended the shipper illustration and can confirm that the case features the new textured leatherette finish.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

      • Hi Blog Team,

        Will the new shipper illustration becoming a standard for the other Koalas issues like 1o and 5oz high relief and willl the new textured leatherette finish also used for the 3coin high relief set following later this year?

        Kind regards

        • Hi Norbert

          The new leatherette textured case and shipper illustration for gold and silver proof Koalas are now the standard. In reference to the 3 coin-set, we will swap to the new leatherette once we have depleted our case stock.

          Kind regards

          Blog Team

  2. Hello Team,

    We have recently received a 2016 1kg Koala coin however it is in a brown timber box and does not contain a certificate. Just wondering if you could please respond to the following….

    1. Whilst the brown timber box is very nice, it has no distinctive markings. Is the box genuine?
    2. Does a non genuine box impact resale value?
    3. Did all of these coins come with certificates?
    4. Does the absence of the certificate have any bearing on resale value?
    5. Were only 500 of these coins minted in total?



    • Hi Jason

      We make and sell 1kg Koala silver coins in ‘proof‘ and ‘bullion‘ finishes. While the latter comes in a capsule only, the former has a box and shipper plus Certificate of Authenticity stating its strict limited mintage of 500.

      In answer to your questions: 1. The box was not issued by The Perth Mint; 2. Probably – most buyers are extremely unlikely to buy a proof coin if it does not come in original Mint packaging; 3. All 500 proof coins are supplied with a Certificate; 4. See answer 2; 5. Correct.

      Please be aware that fakes are becoming more commonplace in the market and that is why we recommend that purchasers only buy direct from the Mint or our international network of authorised coin distributors.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team


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