May 092016

For followers of Perth Mint sales and mintage data we’re pleased to announce that the latest figures for proof and collectable releases are available now. As well as Declared Mintages for 2013 coins, this update includes Sales-to-Date for 2014 and 2015-dated products as at 31 December 2015.

Click here to visit Numismatic Mintages where you can download the relevant data sheets in pdf format.



  8 Responses to “Updated sales & mintage data available now”

  1. Hi Blog Team,

    I am a bit surprised about of a “Four coin silver High Relief Set” with a denomination of 1 AUD ea. listied under “The Australian Koala, Kookaburra & Kangaroo Sets” on page 1 of 4 of 2015:
    As far as I know it is only a 3 Coin HR Set existing. Maybe a copy and paste error from 2012?
    All other new figures haven´t been checked yet.

    Kind regards

    • Thank you for your observation Norbert. In fact the four-coin set to which you refer was an exclusive release for a US distributor which included a high relief Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle coin.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  2. Hi Blog Team,

    Thank you. May we know the name of the dealer?

    Kind regards

  3. Hi Blog Team,

    Did Perth Mint not issue or sold any Koala silver high relief coins as slabbed version in 2015 (for US market)?
    My question is aiming to 1 and 5oz high relief version.
    In 2014 you have reported it in a detailed manner which I prefer.

    Same question is applicable for the 1 and 5oz gold proof high relief coin of 2015.

    Kind regards

    • Hi Norbert

      We updated our Mintage Policy to include any slabbed products in the one Issue Limit:

      Here is the applicable paragraph from our Policy on the web:

      The Perth Mint may issue approved coins in special packaging, to satisfy specific market demands, or it may compile special sets which include multiple coins. When either of these is decided, such special issues will be subject to an ISSUE LIMIT which will be contained within the MAXIMUM MINTAGE of each coin.

      An exception will occur when an ISSUE LIMIT is split between slabbed* and non-slabbed versions of a coin. Even though the packaging may vary, both the slabbed and non-slabbed versions will be included in the same ISSUE LIMIT/MAXIMUM MINTAGE.

      *encapsulated in permanent plastic holder by a coin grading service.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  4. Hi Blog Team,

    But you are not showing the different figures distinguishing between the diffferent packing variations any more as done in 2014?

    Kind regards


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