May 182016

Share_Your_StoryCoin collecting might be considered an ‘old fashioned’ hobby, but modern collectables featuring pop culture icons like Doctor Who, Transformers and Star Trek are attracting the interest of more young people. Sioban from WA recently contributed this story about her interest in coins and how the recent purchase of a Star Wars release is helping to ignite a similar passion in her son.

“Over the last 2 years I have attempted to foster an interest in coin collecting in my two children.

While my daughter is really only interested in coins for their capacity to purchase wonderful pretty things, my son embraced the collecting idea, focusing firstly on fifty cent face coins. This appealed to him as we could find most of these coins in circulation with a little detective work and once friends and family knew that he was looking – coins started coming in like the jackpot of a slot machine.

It was not until we began working on this together that I realised how many fond memories I had of coin collecting as a child. Memories of the huge container my dad kept of the fifty cent coins ‘with the pictures on’ or the coins we received at school to mark the bicentennial.

I still have coins that were given to me when people returned from holidays; too small to bother exchanging; yet to me they seemed so exotic and special, from faraway lands.

My favourite thing in my collection, is a little coin purse my grandad gave me when we visited Ireland when I was twelve. I only got to meet my grandparents once, on that holiday. That little purse full of pennies is worth so much more than the metal they are cast from.


Delighted at the latest addition to his collection – Darth Junior with his new Star Wars coin.

_HanSoloNow my son and I look at the emails from the Perth Mint to see what new coins are coming (the wonders of this technological age) and I like to think that one day he will have warm memories of the two of us working on his collection; memories that are worth so much more – than money in the bank.”

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May 162016

With the discovery of payable gold in 1851, Australia needed a way in which to convert its new-found riches into durable and portable wealth for colonial citizens. The first step in this journey was the establishment of a local mint.

Amid hot competition between New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia, the former emerged triumphant in its bid to host the first overseas branch of the Royal Mint. The enabling legislation passed the British Parliament in 1853 and the Sydney Mint opened in the south wing of the old ‘Rum’ hospital on 14 May 1855.

Official backing to strike sovereign and half-sovereign gold coins in Australia came with major provisos. Initially at least, the coins would be legal tender only in the colonies. The colonial versions would also bear a non-standard design in order to prevent damaging the status of London-made coins should anything go wrong. In other words, the Sydney Mint was going to have to prove itself.

The very first Sydney sovereign was struck on 23 June 1855. Its reverse was akin to William Wyon’s design for British shillings – in essence an open wreath below a crown. Created by his eldest son, Leonard Charles Wyon, the face of the Sydney Type I sovereign, however, possessed several unique characteristics that made it unmistakably ‘Australian’.

SYDNEY MINT above the crown announced unequivocally that this was not a London-made coin. As if the point needed further emphasis, the inscription AUSTRALIA appeared under the crown! Unlike its renowned British counterpart, which displayed no denomination at all, the Type I also included ONE SOVEREIGN (or ONE HALF SOVERIGN) at the foot of the design.


Struck by The Perth Mint, the Australian Sovereign 2016 Gold Proof Coin pays tribute to the first colonial-made sovereign in the British Empire.

Customising the original Sydney sovereign reverse to read PERTH MINT, our modern adaptation pays tribute to this important part of Australia’s numismatic history. Like the original coin, it is struck from 91.67% pure gold (22-carat) and weighs 7.9881 grams. With its shiny proof quality finish, strict limited mintage of 1,500, and superb presentation packaging, the annual release for 2016 is a prestigious addition to any coin collection.

As it turned out, British concerns about the new Sydney Mint’s ability to produce sovereigns to their exactingly high standards were unfounded. The Australian-made coins have never been faulted, and by 1871 the Sydney Mint was permitted to strike the same design as the Royal Mint. The same rule applied to the Melbourne and Perth branches (opened in 1872 and 1899 respectively), the latter continuing the tradition for supreme quality to this day.


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May 092016

For followers of Perth Mint sales and mintage data we’re pleased to announce that the latest figures for proof and collectable releases are available now. As well as Declared Mintages for 2013 coins, this update includes Sales-to-Date for 2014 and 2015-dated products as at 31 December 2015.

Click here to visit Numismatic Mintages where you can download the relevant data sheets in pdf format.


May 092016

Screen-used costumes, props and other entertainment memorabilia have been achieving remarkable prices at auction. According to science fiction, fantasy and entertainment site, a blue uniform worn by Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy sold recently for as astonishing US$84,000.

This month sees further interesting news for dedicated fans of the legendary franchise. In a move that has the potential to excite devotees of Star Trek memorabilia as well as precious metal collectors, The Perth Mint has announced a limited release of gold-pressed latinum slips.


“Never Allow Doubt to Tarnish Your Lust for Latinum” – the Ferengi are obsessed with Latinum.

In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, latinum is a rare silver-coloured liquid prized by many civilizations in the Alpha Quadrant, particularly the Ferengi Alliance. In order that it can be used as a tradable currency, liquid latinum is suspended within gold or gold dust to form a variety of denominations – bricks, bars strips and slips. (The gold served only as a carrier for the latinum and was worthless to the Ferengi!)

Among Earthly collectors, interest in gold-pressed latinum is significant, with this blogger suggesting the price of genuine screen used examples has doubled “to the point where it costs almost as much as real gold!”

That’s fascinating because as a special addition to our Star Trek coin program, the Mint has crafted a maximum of 5,000 latinum slips plated in precisely that – real gold! Unfortunately, the difficulties of sourcing latinum proved insurmountable, so instead each one is actually filled with one solid ounce of 99.9% pure silver.


Like the coins, Deep Space Nine Gold-Pressed Latinum Slips are officially licensed products endorsed by CBS – an all-important factor for astute collectors. Each one is presented in a timber case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity confirming the low quantity that will ever be released. A rare and unique Star Trek collectable, don’t hesitate to secure yours before the Ferengi attempt to corner the market!

TM & © 2015 CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved


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May 032016

A stunning complement to last year’s Kimberley Sunset 2oz pink gold coin has been crafted at The Perth Mint.

The 2016 Kimberley Sunrise 2oz yellow gold companion coin mirrors the original high relief design depicting an iconic boab tree in north-western Australia’s unique wilderness.

While the earlier release featured an eye-catching Argyle pink diamond, the new coin has been individually hand set with a 0.03-carat fine white diamond, symbolising the arrival of dawn’s new light in this extraordinary region.


The 2016 Kimberley Sunrise 2oz Gold Proof High Relief Coin with last year’s popular Kimberley Sunset coin.

Strict Limited Mintage

Under its worldwide mintage limit, just 500 of these lavish Kimberley Sunrise pure gold creations will be issued, each housed in luxury presentation packaging.

Following the rapid sell out of last year’s Kimberley Sunset coin, the Kimberley Sunrise release is expected to be highly sought-after by new admirers as well as owners of the first coin who would like to treasure them both as a sumptuous numismatic combination.

See how the fine white diamond is expertly hand set in this stunning Kimberley Sunrise gold proof coin:



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