Jun 072016

The Perth Mint has released the second of three coins dedicated to Norse Gods. Like the preceding Odin release, Thor is a rimless, high relief coin struck from 2oz of pure silver with a unique antiqued finish.

Its detailed portrayal represents the final battle between Thor and the serpent Jormungand, son of Loki.

In Norse mythology, Jormungand was banished from Asgard for threatening the Æsir gods. Flung into the ocean, Odin hoped he would die there. But Jormungand survived, and in fact grew bigger – so big that he encircled the entire world.

During the conflict between the Æsir and the ‘world serpent’, Thor went to sea in an attempt to capture Jormungand on a hook baited with the head of an ox. The monster bit and was momentarily dragged clear of the water by his rival.

Thor was accompanied in the boat by the giant Hymir. Terrified at the sight of the angry serpent, Hymir cut the line, allowing Jormungand to slide back into the depths.

The final encounter between Thor and Jormungand  took place during Ragnarok, a cataclysmic period during which the Æsir gods were fated to perish.

As Jormungand rose up in a ferocious attack, Thor fatally wounded the beast with his powerful war-hammer Mjollnir. But the telling blow was too late to save him from a spray of deadly venom. Recoiling from the lifeless serpent, the God of Thunder staggered nine paces before falling dead.

Extremely Limited Availability

Like its sold out predecessor, this coin is expected to be extremely popular. Housed in a timber display case with a stunning engraved design on the lid, no more than 2,000 Thor 2oz Silver High Relief Antiqued Coins will be released worldwide.



  3 Responses to “New Norse Gods coin portrays Thor’s deadly encounter”

  1. Why is your 2 ounce silver Thor coin unavailable I have the first one in the series the Odin coin and it’s beautiful I would absolutely like to get the other 2 hopefully they will show up in Canada at my local coin store where I got the first one it’s really interesting because online I wasn’t too happy with the coin but once I saw it in their display case it changed everything I wanted it to yesterday and I was willing to pay full price to get it and I am extremely happy with it I love the fact it is an antique coin to have other antique coins and I love the fact that it’s rimless and if they’re all action shots so far I just hope it shows up in Canada like the first one did great work happy customer just don’t understand how it’s unavailable so quickly have a great day

  2. As a happy customer who owns the first coin in the series. I would just like to comment on how I believe you could make the series even better by doing one thing and that is changing the design on the wooden box for each of the coins. It’s a beautiful design but why keep it the same for all three that’s the one thing I noticed that could be improved other than that I am very happy what you’ve done so far. I just hope your 2 ounce silver Thor coin shows up at my local coin store in Canada as the first one did. I wasn’t very impressed with the pictures until I saw the coin in person but now that I have the first one I would really like to complete the set I noticed it’s unavailable here keep up the great work I really love the action scenes and the fact that it’s rimless. And 2 ounces just why so few when you know they’re going to be popular it makes it even harder to get thank you have a great day

    • Hi Jason

      The Norse Gods coins are highly sought-after and with a mintage of just 2,000 each are quickly bought up. Not only do we sell them online, but also via dealers worldwide, so stock is very limited per outlet. Please email Pauline.Burns@perthmint.com.au in our Customer Services department as soon as possible expressing your interest in the Thor coin and should one become available she will be in contact.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team


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